Painted Bookshelves (DIY Project Download)

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Bookcases have been quietly blending in with the woodwork for far too long. Fortunately, after years of providing a muted backdrop for artfully arranged objects and book spines, these hardworking built-in and freestanding furniture pieces are no longer doomed to disappear under a coat of plain white. Discover our bookshelf design ideas on HOUSE – design, food and travel by House & Garden. If you have a built-in bookcase or bookcase wall, paint the back shelves to add depth. Formerly at home in the living room, one of the quirky bookshelves finds new life as a storage staple in the family’s nursery. Fresh white paint and orange patterned wallpaper on the back of the bookcase update the unit.

painted bookcases ideas 2Here are 42 examples of painted bookcases that are built-in and done in every color, from a range of blues to salmon and violet, featured in libraries, studies, and dens. I recently shared my newly styled bookshelves, but before I added all the colorful books and stylish accessories, I gave the bookcases a much needed makeover. An hour, some painting tape and paint and you have custom uncluttered bookshelves that look like they are right out of a magazine!

We’ve all seen flat walls painted in an accent color, right? Well, I want to do something similar with a wall of built-in bookshelves in the living room. Painted Tambour Wood Faux Bookshelves (hiding the game room and bathroom doors) Wildwood Hotel Snowmass Village, CO 2012 Designed by Reunion LLC. I finally decided to paint the back of these bookcases a rich teal color, because 1. it’s a color I never get tired of, 2. it showcases all the white accessories, 3.

42 Painted Bookcases

painted bookcases ideas 3Bookshelves have come of age. From holding cookbooks in the kitchen to quilt guides in the craft room, bookshelves can be found in just about any room in the house holding not just books, but special. An easy way to add in a touch of color or in some cases, a lot of color, is by painting an existing bookcase either partially or in its entirety. Our colorful painted wood furniture is made from a mix of new and reclaimed wood. These unique rustic cabinets, armoires and bookshelves are hand painted with a color washed look that reveals streaks of the woods natural color under the overlying paint. For example, painting bookshelves to match the shade of the walls is one effective way to make a statement, as is selecting one shade darker than the walls for a powerful effect.

Painted Bookshelves