Painting A Coffee Table With Chalk Paint (DIY Project Download)

I just bought a coffee table at the thrift store with the intention of painting the legs with white chalk paint and staining the top walnut. I’ve painted tons of furniture with chalk paint (including my favorite dresser), but I’ve always made my own with plaster of paris (recipe found here in tip 6). I was looking to get some tips on painting and old shiny wooden kitchen table. It’s amazing how much detail is lost and then found once painted & distressed.

painting a coffee table with chalk paint 2I went searching for ‘refinishing black pottery barn coffee table’ and found this! I’m refinishing our two side tables, coffee table, and the sofa table I refinished at the last house. I’ve been revamping everything from Mason jars, to diy string lights to making a pair of large cabinet doors into a coffee table.

The perfect table for grownups and kids no power tools required. One quart of chalkboard paint will cover a tabletop up to 8 feet long. See how to make this clever 30 over-the-sofa table for your coffee and book. Tim Gould Coffee Table. This mid-century Heals table has been painted with a flat finish using Chalk Paint. Agnieszka Krawczyk Old Violet Side Table. Stunning, simple gray chalk paint coffee and side table makeover. These tables are now gorgeous!

Dear Lillie: Coffee Table Step By Step

painting a coffee table with chalk paint 3I think our coffee table is pretty great. We bought it a few years ago when we lived in our Garage House and it’s been so useful – I love the wicker baskets and. You can choose to prime at this point, but I chose to just start painting the coffee table with the chalkboard paint & a paint brush. You can use a chalkboard spray paint, but I am more comfortable using a paintbrush with the paint for nice, even, thick coats. Our old coffee table became my trial subject. It’s been 5 months since I painted the table and it has held up really well to the abuse we’ve thrown at it. How to paint an old table with chalkboard paint. Speaking of eyes, this eyesore of a coffee table was about to be a goner. It doesn’t fit anywhere and has a giant stain that I made much worse with attempts to remove it. While I suggested rolling the paint, my husband insisted on spray painting it. Duck Egg and Old White Coffee Table – SOLD. Painted by Amanda.

How To Paint Wicker Baskets With Chalk Paint