Painting Bookcase Two Colors (DIY Project Download)

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Inside Job: Bookcases With a Color Pop. Seven inspiring ways to capitalize on the blank canvas behind shelves. We weren’t too fond of the existing paint color, which was kind of a dull dingy almond shade of white. It’s a little hard to see in the photo above, but the color of the bookcase was markedly different from the nicer brighter white of the ceiling and some of the trim. – Bookcase Paint Ideas design ideas and photos.

painting bookcase two colors 2Transform the boring bookcase or armoire that has been hiding in your basement for years into a fresh find perfect for any room of your house. An oversize bookshelf — made from two separate units — provided a space to showcase keepsakes and vintage books. Find Your Perfect Paint Color. Note how white is the color of choice in this next shelving vignette, yet dimension is achieved by varying the shades. In the bookshelf below, notice how painting the interior of just two compartments transforms the piece into a modern work of art! from Bookshelf. I purchased these two bookcases from Walmart about 2 years ago. The kitchen cabinets painted a dark color tend to chip a bit, but I just touch them up with leftover paint and they are good as new.

Paint a thin coat of primer on the bookcase and shelves if you are painting the bookcase a solid color. Apply two or three coats to achieve the desired coverage and color. The type of paint to apply to a bookshelf depends on the sort of material the shelf is made out of and any other previously applied paint. Count on applying two coats unless you first use a primer for solid-color paint. According to interior designer Marisa Smith, when painting a large, built-in bookcase, choose a color that’s compatible with the walls, rather than painting it the white of the woodwork.

How To Paint A Wood Bookshelf

painting bookcase two colors 3After i moved the bookshelf outside, i removed the shelves and brackets and sanded down the whole thing (top, sides, shelves) with a palm sander and 150 grit sand paper. Two ThirtyFive Designs says:. Should she paint them the same color as the walls (SW Pearl Gray) or paint them white, as with the rest of the room’s trim work/moulding?. Not white white, my answer to this question is the same as drapery..a shade or two lighter or darker than the walls. A shade or two lighter or darker than the walls. We also purchased two Billy bookcases to place on top of the chests of drawers. In case such grey bookcases would make for a nice addition to your house, feel free to browse through all of these designs, shapes and models in order to find the best one for yourself. Paint the back of the bookcase a darker color. A living room with two grey Ikea Hemnes bookcases filled with baskets and boxes in different sizes. I’m going to tell you the saga of the painted bookcase. I tried three different green paint colors before I settled on this really weird, springy green that is unlike anything else in our home. When it went from the original wood to green, it needed two coats of primer. I pulled out my beautiful fresh mist paint and painted two coats on the beadboard letting each coat dry an hour this time. What a sweet little bookshelf, love the colors and the beadboard!:o).

How To Paint A Wood Bookshelf

Two matching teal bookcases on either side of the fireplace create symmetry and focal points. Here are a few in a variety of colors- a large bookcase painted a soft blue. These two pics are probably the most true to life when it comes to the color (but of course how you see them really depends on your monitor):. I painted all of the trim on the front of the bookcase using the angled brush, and then used the foam roller to do the sides. That dusty bookcase. That lifeless lamp. They each can feel new again in 45 minutes or less and for no more than 20. The Color of Your Bed Sheets May Be Attracting Bed Bugs Organizing + Cleaning.