Painting Fitted Wardrobe Doors (DIY Project Download)

This is all you need to know to prepare and paint fitted furniture laminate doors. This is how to prepare clear lacquered wood for painting (oak pine etc) and here too. Note: We offer a bespoke custom made sliding wardrobe door service, however, this series of articles explains how to decorate wardrobe doors to cover them with the following:. Hi, I am painting my fitted melamine wardrobes from wood colour to white. The doors are relatively simple to dis-assemble and put back together, however, we recommend reading the following article prior to dis-assembling your doors: How our sliding wardrobe doors are put together – coming soon. Please note: Wardrobe Doors Direct will not be held responsible for any damage or subsequent malfunction of the doors should you decide to take the doors apart.

painting fitted wardrobe doors 2In my new house (can I still call it ‘new’ after moving in four months ago) we have fitted wardrobes in our bedroom. they are fabulous because they give soooooooooo much storage space, but on the flip side, they are horrendous because they are so very seventies They’re a sort of cream colour with two stripes of shiny gold beading down the sides and shocking fleur di lise type handles. Any advice on doing a nice job on our horrible fitted wardrobes appreciated! They are about 25-30 years old and made of MDF type stuff. I have just finished painting some kitchen unit doors I used 123 as a primer then three coats of Zinsser permawhite, this is tintable, looked good when finished. What type of paint to use on fitted wardrobe doors is it best to paint with brush or spray.

It is true that sliding wardrobe doors can often be difficult to redecorate particularly when made of glass. Since you’ll be spray painting, you really need to do this outside. And good luck with the sliding closet door project! Hi, I m redoing one of our bedrooms and it has the same gold framed built-in wardrobe doors and was wanting to paint them. I have some circa 1980’s wardrobes fitted in a bedroom, they are really solid so I want too keep them, problem is the colour is a naff pale green.

Painting Wardrobe Doors

How to Paint Closet Doors. If you’re redecorating your home, you’re probably including some painting in the project. A fresh coat of paint to your home’s closet doors can greatly enhance room d cor. As well as refinishing your kitchen doors, we can also give your bedroom a facelift and re-spray your wardrobe doors! Fitted wardrobes are similar to kitchens and we can offer a good reliable service which is excellent value for money. I want a strong colour for the cupboard doors, and thought your blog was inspiring! Dark brown timber-grain laminate doors (tastefully coordinated with orange plush-pile carpet. In the case of built-in wardrobe doors we recommend light, crisp, white or neutral colours, but if you happen to apply this technique to furniture, for example, a wider colour choice may inspire. It covers cupboards, drawers, furniture and doors in just one coat. Bought this to update some fitted bedroom furniture. I needed to revamp a large kitchen on a budget, so took the plunge by painting dated pine cupboards. I used Ronseal one coat cupboard Paint in Cobalt Grey for a gloss finish. cleaning, light sanding and then 2 coats of paint allowing each coat to dry in between. Dark brown timber-grain laminate doors (tastefully coordinated with orange plush-pile carpet..) on built-in wardrobes cover one entire wall of the main bedroom in the house in this Case Study.

12 Ways To Reinvent Your Sliding Wardrobe Door

Installing fitted wardrobes and re-decoration of guest bedroom. Prior to painting, the work included preparation and making good where required of ceiling, walls, doors and window. MDF doors and panels for kitchens, wardrobes, cupboards and bathrooms. If you are fitting the door into the hole we recommend square edge as you can sand or trim with no damage to the design. I just painted some kitchen doors, I got an ‘international paint’ primer specifically for kitchen cupboard doors. The also have one for melamine. Melbourne. Melbourne, Victoria. Wardrobe Doors Sliding.