Painting Old Pallets (DIY Project Download)

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See more about Pallet Signs, Pallet Flag and Painted Wood. From choosing the right pallet, to exploring the safety precautions, ensure that your project finishes well with these pallet preparation tips. No varnish coating and no latex paint, so the wood still can breathe.

painting old pallets 2I personally never paint pallet wood as I love the rustic charm as is, but if you used a bonding primer, then paint of choice, that could work. These DIY pallet signs make a beautiful gift or you can enjoy them in your own home! Shop outside the big box, with unique items for pallet art from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy.

To make: Thoroughly clean the pallet and allow to dry. Roll on the background color with outdoor acrylic paint; let dry. Download and enlarge a pattern of your choice to fit your pallet. Any pallet that doesn’t NEED repair is less likely to be a discard. And even my friend that manages a super-clean food-grade cereal warehouse says that before he would make a coffee table out of a pallet from his own warehouse, he’d wash it, sand it, and paint it. After you sand down any rough edges of a pallet and repaint it in a colour suiting your room’s theme, add the glass to its top and feet to the four corners of its base and suddenly you have a fresh, rustic and cost-effective table to place next to your designer couches.

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This is a quick and ridiculously easy tutorial on how to age wood using paint and stain. I used pallets for this project and raided the garage for paint and stain, so it actually cost me nothing to do this. Next I used some left over wall paint to stencil the words. I paint a lot of pallet signs and I share a lot of them on Weekend Craft but I have recently realized that I haven’t shared my technique for how to paint crisp lines when stenciling a pallet.

How To Age Wood With Paint And Stain