Painting Wardrobe Doors Ideas (DIY Project Download)

Chalk Board Paint Door – I so want to do this to my living closet door for the kids! Here are 10 creative closet door ideas that will help you to add style and character to any room in your home. Whatever kind of closet doors you have, or whatever you call them, we have a makeover for them. Kara was not diggin’ her brass-trimmed sliding doors, so a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint was utilized to take care of the situation. Click here to see more unique closet door ideas.

painting wardrobe doors ideas 2Here are six closet door DIY projects from around the net, any one of which will transform that often unheralded aspect of our hallways and bedrooms. To cover the holes, scratches, and paint splatters, she simply tacked up inexpensive bamboo table runners from the discount store. You don’t even have to do the entire closet door, you can just cover a part or piece to give it some oomph. You can even use stencils if you’re super crafty and good with paint to create some designs. 42 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas You Should Take in Consideration This Year. A fresh coat of paint to your home’s closet doors can greatly enhance room dcor.

Tutorial on how to paint sliding closet doors for a faux trim effect. Makes those ugly sliding doors looks so much more high end! An easy DIY project. If you have multiple sets of these types of closets you should go for both ideas! Good luck!. If you have multiple sets of these types of closets you should go for both ideas! Painting closet doors is a relatively simple project, but for best results, carefully follow an organized sequence of steps. Lots of light-colored paint will be used, but I’d also like to do something a little bit fun with the big closet doors while I’m playing around in there.

6 Closet Door Diy Transformations

painting wardrobe doors ideas 3Our 5 ideas for dealing with sliding mirror closet doors (and don’t forget to weigh in with your suggestions after the jump)!. Mirrored Closet Doors – Design photos, ideas and inspiration. Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of Mirrored Closet Doors in entrances/foyers, closets, boy’s rooms, bedrooms by elite interior designers. It covers cupboards, drawers, furniture and doors in just one coat. I used Ronseal one coat cupboard Paint in Cobalt Grey for a gloss finish. cleaning, light sanding and then 2 coats of paint allowing each coat to dry in between. Little has been written about closet painting, which is strange, since nearly every room has a nook or cranny for storage. Of course, most closets are enclosed, having a hinged door or slider that clearly defines the area as a discrete space. Painting Ideas. Freshen up your kitchen by giving your cabinets a quick coat of paint. Grease hides in places you didn’t even think about, like around the handles, underneath the cabinets, and right under the bottom of the edge of the cupboard doors. You will receive ideas and inspiration for your home, as well as expert decorating advice. He has inherited a white melamine wardrobe with gold piping on the door. It’s really unpleasant but perfectly functional so I was considering painting it and changing the handles. Ooh thank you everyone, that’s given me loads of ideas.

Painted Sliding Closet Doors: Faux Trim Effect

Resene Napa for the walls and Resene Half Napa for the wardrobe doors. Don’t worry — our collection of creative cabinet door designs, finishes, and styles will help you discover new ways to energize your kitchen. Hand-brushed paint finishes, carved feet, and recessed toe-kicks give the custom cabinets the look of freestanding furniture from long-ago homes. Abby at DIY Design completely transformed her interior closet doors using trim, recreating the look of the shaker doors that she wanted but were out of her price range. And here’s how it looked with a coat of paint. First, we painted just the closet doors a dark brown, as requested. Hopefully we’ve given our reader a visualization of their ideas and some new ideas they hadn’t thought of.