Pallet Homes (DIY Project Download)

Can also be integrated to install a cozy outdoor house just like this DIY pallet cabin for summer, perfect to relax in open and friendly green environments and. The Pallet House project by I-Beam Design, was initially conceived as a transitional shelter for the refugees returning to Kosovo after the war. These people needed an immediate alternative to the typical tent solution that could potentially transform into a new permanent home over time, even without access to sophisticated tools and materials. The makers said: ‘The Pallet House project was initially conceived as a transitional shelter for the refugees returning to Kosovo after the war.

pallet homes 2Pallet building is a hot topic and so the next few blog posts will explore various aspects of building with pallets from entire houses, to interior pallet walls, to pallet wall cladding. Excerpts below about pallet building by David Reed of Texas Natural Building, a pallet house expert. But this particular tiny house design concept has been stewing in my head ever since EJ, one of my readers, sent me a link to a very cool shipping pallet structure. It’s been over a decade since the I-Beam architects created the Pallet House, but so far it hasn’t been put to use in a refugee situation. Wines blames property rights issues, corruption and bureaucracy.

Emergency shelters should always be an important and prescient subject for designers. However the need for efficient shelters to help house displaced people seems more urgent than ever after the series of natural disasters over the last year and very. Simply referred to as The Pallet House, this shelter was designed by the architecture studio I-Beam Design back in 2010, with the intention that it could be used to house refugees. The Palettenpavillon by Matthias Loebermann is a structure made entirely from shipping pallets, ground anchors, and tie rods. Designed to be easily assembled and dismantled, and then entirely recycled at a later date, the resulting building is intended as a temporary meeting place.

Pallet Houses

The Pallet House prototype designed by I-Beam Design was featured in HRH Prince Charles’ Royal Gardens as part of an exhibition on sustainable design, organized by Prince’s Charities, Start, along with The Earth Awards, The Financial Times and IBM.

Pallet-house: Modular Refugee Housing