Pallet Houses Plans (DIY Project Download)

Excerpts below about pallet building by David Reed of Texas Natural Building, a pallet house expert. We will show you some very creative ideas how you could use old pallets and give new life to wood. Pallet house plans could feature a cute playhouse for your kids, a backyard escape shed for yourself and even elaborate pallet house designs. It’s been over a decade since the I-Beam architects created the Pallet House, but so far it hasn’t been put to use in a refugee situation. For 75, they offer all the information for building your own pallet home: pdf plans, sections, elevations, photos, diagrams, renderings and a materials/ tools list.

pallet houses plans 2This DIY Pallet House constructed with cheap wooden pallets can be completed by anyone in one day, ideal for backyard shelter use. Now this is truly an innovative design. Developed by the creative folks at i-Beam Design, this house plan makes use of commonly available materials, and is designed to be built by anyone, even without construction experience. The most interesting thing is that you can make a complete house with pallets. This can be the best option for temporary residence and can be decorated by painting it in any color of your own choice.

Diy Pallet House Plan

pallet houses plans 3

Pallet Houses