Pallet Length Width Height (DIY Project Download)

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A listing of the different pallet sizes and types available for CHEP customers – pallet dimensions. See Pallet Page 2 for Dimensions of Palletized Liquid Products. The volume is calculated by multiplying the maximum length by the maximum width by the maximum height measured on the pallet. Find thorough pallet size information on our site. If the goods exceed these dimensions typically by overhanging the pallet, then the consignment becomes oversized. For this we need to charge extra due to the allocated space on the lorry, but don’t worry our website will work all this out behind the scenes to give you best possible price.

pallet length width height 2No universally accepted standards for pallet dimensions exist. Some engineered Corrugated pallets offer a significant reduced height, providing substantial freight cost reduction. Measure the length, width, and height of the package from its extreme points. Find details about how to ship irregularly shaped packages. Accurately measure the length, width, and height of the shipment, including packaging and pallet dimensions (refer to diagram below). If you have additional questions, please contact your nearest XPO Logistics location.

Palletized cargo dimensions are derived by the length, width and highest point of the pallet (including the pallet itself). We build pallets to a height range of 50 to 90. Multiply those dimensions to obtain the cubic dimension of the shipment in inches. To determine the cubic dimensions of a palletized shipment, combine the pallet dimensions with the shipment. EXAMPLE: If the length is 25 inches, the width is 24 inches and the height is 23 inches, multiply them as follows:. Box pallet type 1120 solid – standard. Cat. Number: 1200000000. Technical Data, Dimensions Outside. Length (mm), 1120. Width (mm), 1120. Height (mm), 800.


3 Pallet dimensions (excluding goods) The dimension of a pallet excluding the goods. 14 Equipment door dimensions Dimensions (width and height) of the equipment door. Pallet. Pallet Dimensions A: 110. Pallet Dimensions B: 230.

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