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Chair Type – Massager – Beauty & Health – Home Appliances & Small Electrics Category includes a wide selection of products at affordable prices delivered to you from Japan. Panasonic Pro EP-MA86M. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA34-H. Massage Chairs Country of Origin: Japan vs China. Panasonic was a long-standing and well-known name brand within the industry but they recently moved their manufacturing process (in 2012) to China as well. Panasonic Real Pro Ultra EP30007 Total Body Massage Chair is designed, engineered and made in Japan. If you are looking for durable quality massage chair, EP30007KX is the massage chair for you.

panasonic massage chair japan 2All Inada Massage Chairs Are Designed and Manufactured in Japan. A chart that only compares different models of Panasonic massage chairs. Again the focus is on the massage parameters and features of the chair. Are Panasonic massage chairs just as good as their other products? They have put unrivaled research into their chairs, closely studying the techniques and movements used in the application of the human Japanese and Chinese massage therapy. Amazingly, over 22 of Japanese households own a robotic massage chair!

We Review BEST MASSAGE CHAIR in the market of 2015. It is a Japanese physical therapy technique characterized by the application of small, gentle pressure using the thumb on your body, that’s why it has also come to be known as hands-on therapy or finger pressure. We bring to you top 6 massage chairs, made by Panasonic, in the market for the year 2015 and investing in any one of them will not leave you disappointed. It is also assembled in Japan. I knew that Panasonic had acquired Sanyo a while back, but until now I had no idea how that would affect the Sanyo massage chair line, i. Thus, the only massage chairs that are still manufactured in Japan are the Inada models.

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As a result in the early days of massage chairs, Japan was the primary source. Some of the traditionally made-in-Japan manufacturers such as Panasonic have moved their manufacturing to China, and LG Korea also sources its massage chairs from China. Panasonic Japan Massage Machine Chair Limited Model EP-MP64 EP-MP046-CC Japanese. High-end massage chairs are engineered to know your wants, and knead. Inada and Panasonicas well as by OSIM and U.S.-based Human Touch. Panasonic chairs are conceived in Japan and borrow effective and popular massage therapy techniques from all styles of massage. The Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair series focuses intensely on therapy options, massage coverage, and the quality of massage. Massage Chairs Authorized Dealer, Electropedic Beds Specializing in Panasonic Massage Chair. Panasonic Massage Chair See a Video demonstration video of Panasonic Massage Chairs in action. Technology, Black.Made in Japan. This Panasonic massage chair matches it living room setting perfectly.

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The Panasonic brand name came to life in 1955 when the Japanese electronics maker Matsushita landed in North America. The price of manufacturing massage chairs in Japan became so high that even Panasonic the quintessential Japanese manufacturer now has most of their chairs built in China. You could argue massage chairs are something for old people, but after coming to Japan over 5 years ago, I had the chance to relax in more than one of these.