Panic Bar Door Release (DIY Project Download)

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Doors in emergency exits and escape routes must release easily and immediately. DORMA hardware for panic exit doors is systematically aligned to comply with all relevant regulations. These fittings offer maximum dependability, planning reliability, visual attraction and convenience. Push to Exit Bar, Type Surface Mounted, Switch Action Door Release, Material Metal, Finish Clear Anodized, Depth 2-3/4 In. Panic hardware is designed to unlock an exit door when outward pressure is applied to the hardware.

panic bar door release 2An apparatus provided for releasing the dogging function of a panic device for an exit door without the use of a key or other external device includes an end cap button; an adjustable connecting rod assembly; and a modified latch plate; Depressing the end cap button pushes the rod assembly to rotate the modified latch plate to release the dogging function of the panic device. This pressing of the button releases the dogging latch, whereby un-dogging the panic device and securing the door in a locked state from the exterior. An adjustable connection rod and a new latch linkage provide the button the needed connection to facilitate this desired un-dogging function. Panic Hardware Stanley Security Solutions offers heavy-duty panic and exit hardware suitable for a variety of door applications including wood, metal, and aluminum frame doors. A variety of electronic and security features are available.

Buy Panic Bars, Latches and Push Bars (for Public Buildings), these devices allow easy escape from the inside of a building in an emergency situation without comprimising the security of the building from the outside. Panic bars, also called push bars, with bolts or latches are designed for applications where a final exit door is to be used by members of the public that have no prior knowledge of the device and a panic situation is likely to occur in the event of an emergency. The 48 inch Double Defender Quick Release Panic Bar with Alarm (DD-QRA-48) combines some of the most desirable functions of several pieces of door hardware. Panic bar door hardware covers a wide array of choices and can be confusing to determine which type is best for your application. When the door needs to locked again, use the dog down key to release the bar and the door would then latch.

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Remote release is achieved by releasing a solenoid deadlock and then activating a motor to retract the three bolts of the Slimline device. Once retracted the door can be opened to provide external entry, either by a powered actuator or pull handle (not supplied). Panic bars, sometimes referred to as crash bars, are used in the manufacture of our heavy duty single and double steel fire exit doors. The main function of panic bars is to allow the door on which it’s fitted, to release and open instantly to quickly escape in a fire or other emergency. A client in the building products industry approached us for a solution for the fabrication of a panic door release bar. The newer IBC section, Electromagnetically Locked Egress Doors, allows a door-mounted release device. This could be panic hardware or a latchset with a request-to-exit (RX) switch, or a bar with an electronic touch sensor. The natural pull action of the single release handle simultaneously retracts all latch points and opens the door easily. Optional through-the-door latching is available with either a panic lever or panic bar release from the stop side. The panic lever/bar release automatically over rides optional key lock, through the door is securely locked from the outside, for immediate panic exit action. 1) Lock panic bar exterior trim 2) Attach PANIC BAR STRAP around panic bar with the stainless steel snap (assembly required) When the lockdown procedure is called: 1) PULL LOOP ON PANIC BAR STRAP TO RELEASE 2) Door is now locked & secured.

Panic Bars With Latches Or Bolts