Paper Mario 64 Shy Guy Toy Box (DIY Project Download)

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A Shy-Guy will appear and thinking everything is safe will reveal a secret door that leads to Shy-Guy Toy Box’s Entrance. Paper Mario 64 Chuck Quizmo Locations Guide Nintendo 64/Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Version 1. When you are in Shy Guys Toy box, goto the red station. First get the Ultra Boots(Super Boots might also work) then go to Mario’s house and into the back room with the beds. More for Paper Mario (N64): FAQs and Walkthroughs (35). Trials in the Toy Box 1. Blue. Paper mario 64 walkthrough shy guy’s toy box. Personality. In its role as an enemy character, Lakitu typically flies about and throws Spiny Eggs at Mario, although.

paper mario 64 shy guy toy box 2Shy Guy’s Toy Box (Remix) – Paper Mario (N64) – free sheet music and tabs for grand piano, metal pad, distortion guitar, jazz guitar, picked bass, fingered bass and drawbar organ. Shy Guy’s Toy Box – Paper Mario (N64) – free sheet music for agogo, pizzicato strings, grand piano, tuba and vibraphone. In Paper Mario Wii N64. The black shy guy is hard to beat! The first time i met Anti-Guy, in Shy Guys Toy Box i had no idea what to do, so I fought him for whatever was in the chest.

Cheats, codes, hints, and FAQs for Paper Mario (Nintendo 64). Have a Lemon Candy when you talk to the Anti-Guy in the Shy Guy’s toybox. He loves Lemon Candy and will trade the treasure he is guarding for the candy. Paper Mario. N64. For a detailed walkthrough click here. Get Through Forever Forest: In each different section (after you past a branch) use Goombario’s tattle power and he will give you clues to what you have to look for (it’s really easy that way). When your inside Shy Guys Toybox, you will end up going against a monster with a lantern. I arranged Shy Guy’s Toy Box, Castle Bleck, Gloam Valley, and Champion of Destruction for piano!

Shy Guy’s Toy Box (remix)

paper mario 64 shy guy toy box 3Boss In Mooks Clothing: Anti-Guy, an optional encounter in Shy Guy’s Toybox; he’s five times as strong as a normal Shy Guy and has over seven times the health. Polymer Clay N64 Paper Mario Gourmet Guy, from the Shy Guy’s Toy Box in a Glass Bottle. Trivia; Hints; Specs Ad Blurb Rating Systems Buy/Trade. Screenshot 50 of 58. Paper Mario Nintendo 64 Riding the toy train through Shy Guy’s Toy Box.

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