Paper Mario Shy Guy Toy Box (DIY Project Download)

For Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64, a GameFAQs Answers question titled how do I get to shy Guy’s toy box?. I need clues to find shy guys toy box. 7 years ago. For Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Do you need the dictionary/mystery code in Shy Guy’s Toy Box?. The Mystery Note is a note written in Shy Guy language, found in Shy Guy’s Toy Box during the events of Paper Mario. Mario can give the note to Russ T.

paper mario shy guy toy box 2Hit the boxes in almost any other order, and four Shy Guys will pop out. Go southeast and return to reset the blocks. Go southeast and you’ll see Kammy Koopa place Peach’s last choice to guard a chest. Anti Guys are Black Shy Guys that appear in Paper Mario. Instead of fighting the Anti Guy in Shy Guy’s Toy Box, Mario can instead bribe the Shy Guy to leave by giving it a Lemon Candy, allowing Mario access to the Power Plus Badge. The Big Lantern Ghost is the mid-boss of the Shy Guy’s Toy Box from Paper Mario. He is a giant Lantern Ghost with a bandage on his forehead who resides in an extremely dark room.

The Toy Train is a small toy train resembling a mushroom used in Paper Mario, and it is required to access all parts of Shy Guy’s Toy Box. In shy guys toy box, how you beat that lantern guy that you have to fight when you go left at the red station?, Paper Mario Questions and answers, Nintendo 64. Shy Guy’s Toy Box is the home of the Shy Guys in Paper Mario, and found in an empty house in Toad Town.

Super Mario Infinity: Paper Mario: Chapter 4

Reblog. I really hope the next Paper Mario has rad locations again like the first two did. Stream Shy Guy’s Toy Box (Paper Mario) Temmie Remix by KapuDaKoopa (KoopaGaming) from desktop or your mobile device. Here’s a before and after GIF of my New Paper Mario texture project. Mario and Watt in Shy Guy’s Toy Box. Finding a partner in it, on top of discovering invisible blocks were a thing? Even more unexpected! Paper Mario – Shy Guy’s Toybox (Animated). Description: The happy, whimisical song that plays in Chapter 4 of Paper Mario.

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