Patrol Box Inventory (DIY Project Download)

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This list includes the minimum items that should be in a patrol box for preparing patrol meals. It will also include a set of condiments, but you need to be careful they don’t stay there too long! This list assumes that each patrol member brings their own personal gear. Each patrol is assigned an equipped patrol box and is responsible for the safe keeping and care of each item. Any items found missing or damaged will be replaced by the patrol. Each patrol box is equipped with the following:. Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Patrol Box Equipment List. At the end of each campout, you should inventory your Patrol Box and make sure you have everything you need. If you are missing an item, ask another Patrol if they have an extra.

patrol box inventory 2Patrol-based cooking is an important part of troop campouts, and many patrols use a patrol box to help keep cooking supplies and ingredients organized. Scouts have to dig through. inventory of Chuck Boxes when maintained properly can be easily and quickly done.

How To Make A Better Patrol Box

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