Patrol Boxes Boy Scouts (DIY Project Download)

These are not your everyday patrol boxes. First, they are aluminum which makes them lighter and more durable than wood. After years of camping experience by many in the troop, we designed and had someone fabricate these quality aluminum patrol boxes. Action Packer Patrol Box Ideas. April 22, 2014 By Clarke Green. Nothing on this website is an official publication of, nor bears the endorsement or sponsorship of any Scouting Organization. While we do our best to get things right the final word on policy and procedure is found in the resources produced by your Scouting organization. This is the perfect PATROL BOX for Scouts. Made to fit all the required Boy Scouts of America (BSA) kitchen gear with plenty of room left over for food and other supplies. Many Scouts have commented on how nice it is to be able to carry the Scout Patrol Box with only one other Scout helping.

patrol boxes boy scouts 2Here is the design Troop 21 decided upon for it’s new Patrol Kitchen boxes. The goals for this box were: It is intended to be used to prepare food for cooking. Not as a cooking surface. It had to be light weight. Easily carried by two Boy Scouts. The Box: The 2 top panels fold out and are supported by the swing out doors. The doors double as storage space for cleaning and condiment items. It was a British military officer that formed the Boy Scouts in England. A chuck box, also called a patrol box or grub box, is a device used by campers for storing the many items associated with a camp kitchen. The box is especially popular with Boy Scout camping, and boy scout troops generally maintain one box for each patrol, where they are referred to as patrol boxes. Building such boxes is often a service project for which scouts can earn awards while learning carpentry.

Hi, We’re a relatively new Scout Troop and haven’t had the advantage of accrueing kit over decades like many. On the plus side all the kit we’ve got so far is new and shiney but doesn’t seem to have the ‘durability’ factor scouts seem the need. Before I can do that I’d like to get some patrol boxes to keep it all together. Wood is too heavy to make them out of so I’m looking at metal or plastic. When I was a Boy Scout 25 years ago, we had a cardboard box. It stayed in my crawlspace between campouts. We kept a few kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc. The designated patrol member would buy the food for the weekend and bring it in a different cardboard box. Jack Kneist of Van Kneist, Inc and Tony Casanave of AJC Woodworks pose with Boy Scouts from Troop 414 in Norge, VA. Jack built 4 new custom chuck boxes for the Boy Scouts to use on campouts and events, while Tony finished and painted them.

T21 Kitchen Box

Boy Scouts of America. Scoutmaster Michael Medley lent a hand too, as well as scouts Tanner and Joey Stelluto and Michael Hare.

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