Pax Sliding Doors Catching (DIY Project Download)

There I found the Pax Lyngdal sliding doors (light frosted glass, aluminum frame) in a near perfect size: 78 3/4 x 118 1/8. These catch on the baseboard pegs, keeping the doors from going too far and swinging back into the opening of a closet. Installing Ikea Pax Doors as Sliding Closet Doors (Ikea Hack). 05. Mar. 3.6 out of 5 stars for Ikea Pax Wardrobe with Sliding Doors in Wardrobes. If you’ve got doors catching on each other then something is wrong. I suggest that you go back to the install instructions and double check ( triple check! ) every step.

 pax sliding doors catching 2Anyone else out there have any good tips from your PAX-building adventures?. My holiday present from my husband is that we will demolish the two hideous reach in closets with brass and mirror sliding doors and replace the whole thing with 3 Pax closets and doors. Hello – just posting this on the off chance someone can help. I bought a pair of PAX MALM doors 2 years ago from IKEA – they have been fine but recently the wheel on one has broken (the ball bearings exploded).

Forcing a sliding closet door that sticks may damage the tracks or rollers if forced. As soon as you notice a sticking door, try to locate the source of the problem to avoid causing more problems. This is not strictly true, but a sliding door internal layour may not work with hinged doors and similarly a hinged door layout won’t always work with sldiing doors. These are different to the standard hinges and move in a way when opened so as not to catch. As it’s produced, the IKEA mounting system for these sliding doors uses a bottom rail which I chose not to incorporate. But remember that I told you to buy two of the end fixture brackets for that pole? Mount the second one at the very bottom of the pole and make yourself a standoff/bumper for those doors to get them to hang straight by sticking felt furniture glides to a smaller angle bracket and bolting it to the clamp. Ikea doesn’t appear to carry the stordal doors anymore. do you the the PAX LYNGDAL doors will work? i’m sure i’m expecting to much but if you do know then that’d be great, thanks.

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Some challenges for deciding upon primary aspects for hanging ikea pax sliding doors. For uncomplicated sliding door catching door devices halfway. You have fulfilled my fantasy Ikea sliding door project!

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