Pet Proof Screen Door Cover (DIY Project Download)

Pet Resistant Window Screens Custom Made to Fit Almost Any Style Window or Door. It is a perfect choice for high traffic areas like sliding patio screen doors, porches, decks, gazebos and that window spot your pet has chosen to view their dream world outside. This is my 5th order as I make wheel covers for RVs. Tiger Wire Stainless Steel screen is the only screen that is truly Pet Proof! You may never have to Re-Screen your windows or doors again. Tiger Tuff Screen Doors have an unheard of 10 year Warranty! No other Screen Door can match that. The window grille guards are the same ones used for screen doors. Lay the pet resistant screen over the frame so that it overlaps the frame by at least several inches on each side.

pet proof screen door cover 2We have a large screen door at the back of our apartment that really facilitates the cross-breezin’, but we also have indoor cats that fancy themselves outdoor-types, and to prove this they have ruined many a mesh screen. There is a pet-proof mesh screen that works; I’ve forgotten what it’s called. Second, double cover the area Kitty damages. Our Screen Model is perfect for screened porches, screen doors, and some window screens. This model is available with one flap and does not use a security cover. This quick fix utilizing 35 screen doors and self adjusting spring hinges worked! Set at the height of a CD cover, the door hit the door jam at the bottom, and the framework on top. Sometimes it can be hard to locate the special pet proof screen.

Solve your French door screen dilemma by installing retractable screen doors, one on each side of the door frame. They’re not pet-proof at all. If you wanted to cover a 16-by-8-foot garage door opening with one of Phantom’s motorized screens, for example, it would cost about 2,600 (installation included). Pet guards keep your screen doors from being torn apart by your little loved one. Just like you can baby-proof your house, you can also pet-proof your home.

A Cat-proof Screen Door Update!

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Retractable Screens: A Sleek Way To Let Breezes In And Keep Bugs Out