Pet Proof Screen Door Guard (DIY Project Download)

Find Screen Door Grilles at Shop a variety of quality Screen Door Grilles and Screen Door Grilles that are available for purchase online or in store. Help preserve the life of your screen door with this pet grille. Durable expanded metal guards against pet damage; Fits most 36 in. sliding patio, and 36 in. Just like you can baby-proof your house, you can also pet-proof your home. Installing a pet guard for your screen door can keep your screen safe and your favorite animal from being able to claw its way out of your home.

pet proof screen door guard 2Fashioned from heavy-duty steel made into a grill, the guard covers your screen while still allowing air flow and a view to the outside. Learn how to protect wood doors and door screens from your pets. Great ideas for dog owners who live in apartments. Seven times stronger than traditional screening, our screen door protector for pets is puncture proof and comes equipped with all the tools you need to install.

Screen door guards protect your screen door, help keep it looking great, and save you from having to replace dented screens. An option may be a custom pet resistant screen. When pets get into a habit of scratching and pushing on your screen doors, it means costly and regular repairs. These protectors are scratch resistant which means they look good for a long time. I have a pet proof door screen for our 9-year old labradoodle. The dog trashes our sliding screen door every summer. We do not care for the look of a guard mounted to the screen.

How To Save Your Screen Door From Pet Scratches

pet proof screen door cover 3Dogs and cats can wreak havoc on traditional screens, as every pet owner knows. Excited dogs greeting you at the end of the day can easily ruin screens with sharp claws; cats are known to climb screen doors, leaving scratch marks and tears. Pet Guards. Ideal Screen-Guard Pet Door allows for installation of a pet door directly through the protective grill which is found on many screen doors. AJ’s Aluminum, Inc. specializes in the installation of pet-resistant screening. AJ’s can install pet screening into window screens, sliding screen doors, porch screens or anywhere traditional mesh screening may be used. They actually sell a bolt on guard for screen doors. Sunscreens Plus is the leading provider of pet doors and screens in Roseville CA. We offer pet resistant screens, doors and pet guards. Call for a free quote! RVW has a screen protector that screws in the screen door. Dont think it was that expensive.

Screen Door Guards

Seven times stronger than traditional screening, our screen door protector for pets is. For Pet resistant screen and other pet products, call the phone number at the top right corner of this webpage. Safety 1st Screen Door Saver Easy to Install Strong and Durable Looks Great! Screen Door Pet Guard. Click Here For More Dog Proofing Tips And Products.