Phpmyadmin Drop Tables With Prefix (DIY Project Download)

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How to delete my tables who all have the prefix myprefix_? In the MySQL shell or through PHPMyAdmin, use the following query. EDIT: A disclaimer here – the statement generated above will drop all tables in all databases with that prefix. I want to issue a command that says the equivalent of DROP TABLE WHERE TABLE_NAME LIKE ‘aggregate_temp ‘;. Deleting the prefix of all tables in a DB in PHPmyadmin. DROP TABLE wp_73_commentmeta,wp_73_comments,wp_73_links,wp_73_options,wp_73_postmeta,wp_73_posts,wp_73_terms,wp_73_term_relationships,wp_73_term_taxonomy;.

phpmyadmin drop tables with prefix 2Hello I need to delete several tables, hosted in the same database, sharing the same prefix. But, when I run the SHOW TABLE request into PhpMyAdmin, I get a list of tens of tables. Here is a stored procedure that accepts the Database and Prefix String as Parameters:. In my database there is a lot of tables starting with _elgg, now I want to drop all tables with this prefix. First do a. SELECT CONCAT(‘DROP TABLE ‘, TABLE_SCHEMA, ‘.

Is it safe to simply DROP the tables using the older prefixes? Do you have a PHPmyadmin tutorial? Let me ask it this way: In Global Configuration Database Settings, the Database Table Prefix value is abzz_. Let’s say you need to drop all tables in a mysql database. If you can’t use Greg’s command line solution and have to use phpMyAdmin to drop all tables:. First log into your User Portal and click the black drop down arrow directly to the right of your installation name (circled in the screenshot below). Next, click phpMyAdmin to access your database on the WP Engine servers. If your tables do not start with wp_, please read How to change the table prefix to ensure your site works properly on our system.

Delete Several Tables With The Same Prefix

phpmyadmin drop tables with prefix 3First, we will drop tables on the Managed WordPress database. You can find your Managed WordPress database prefix in the wp-config.php file. 13) In phpMyAdmin check all the tables that have the old table prefix (default is jos_). Once you have all the tables selected, select Drop from the drop-down menu located at the bottom of the screen. To drop the tables, open the PrestaShop database with phpMyAdmin tool, click the Structure tab. Scroll it down, click the Check All link, in the drop-down menu next to Check all, select the Drop option:. Do not do this unless you are comfortable with PHPMyAdmin and making changes to MySQL – if not, ask someone to do it for you Back up your database For some people the database table name prefix changing functionality of WP Security Scan doesn’t work. 3. now, drop all tables of your wordpress databases (don’t drop the database) 4. You can either make a copy of the table to the current database, which is selected by default from the database drop down box, or copy it to another database for which you have the appropriate permissions. I need to delete a prefix like this one in a database r8oi9_ which was made by mistake. Then confirming the drop, I wiped all tables I didn’t need.


The default prefix for PrestaShop database tables is ps_Wh. You need to log in to phpMyAdmin and delete all the existing database tables with that prefix, or if you want to keep that Prestashop installation and create a second one in the same database instead, you should provide a different database prefix. A Prestashop database already exists, please drop it or change the prefix. Check out Mysql dropping multiple tables for a good desciption on how to do it using command line tools (if you can connect to the server via SSH). Phpmyadmin or other mysql gui – edit whole table from one screen. Some CMS’s I have seen allow the user to specify a prefix for all tables which are installed with the CMS, so the comments table would become the myprefixhere_comments table. Use phpmyadmin to drop tables you do not need.