Pippy Oak Timber (DIY Project Download)

Pippy Oak is more a wild hedgerow tree than a straight grown oak, this uniquely hardwood features curly grain with natural clusters of pin knots mainly on the outside of the log, patterns similar to cat s paws give a charming rustic characterWood color: light to middle brown. English and European oak, elm, ash, cherry and chestnut solid hardwood timber prices. High quality and rich in colour and texture. Interesting Timbers is a family owned and operated business, supplying quality Native Hardwoods and Soft Woods. We sawmill onsite and continue to process home grown trees to produce air dried and kiln dried English Hardwood Timbers. Also some Elm and Pippy Oak available alongside our general selection of kiln dried and air dried timber stock.

pippy oak timber 2Posts about pippy oak written by English Woodlands Timber. IWood’s buying team has inspected and secured new supplies of kiln dried European pippy oak boules. View 10 suppliers of Pippy Oak on Suppliers.com including Kitchen,, Terry’s Timber Ltd., D. G. Partridge & Son (Sawmill & Oak Timber Merchants), EC Forest Products Ltd.

English Pippy Oak 1800 x 450 x 21mm, planned two faces. Knots, pin holes, different swing in the grain, bars, etc are all considered part of the unique properties of natural timber veneer and are not considered defects. How these properties come up after re-toning, liming and polishing is also a part of the natural process and can be inconsistent and unknown at times. (like ‘prime’ or ‘character’). The cat’s paw markings typical of pippy oak are produced by small knots in the timber. Pippy is much more a wild hedgerow tree than a straight, clean, commercially grown oak.

Pippy Oak

Pippy Oak Board T/T P1F Fin 24mm. 22.23. Add to cart. Product Total: 26.67. Pippy/ Select grade English Oak floorboards were chosen for this beautiful interior above. Pippy Oak. Character Oak. Clear Oak. Brown Oak. Burr Oak. OAK. OAK ELM LIME ASH SYCAMORE CHERRY YEW CHESTNUT ENGLISH WALNUT. ELM. From the Usk Castle Estate in the depths of rural Monmouthshire came the tree which produced the timber for this characterful board. Pippy oak is a highly individual timber which shows not just the grain of the oak but the texture of the knots or pips as they are called.

English Pippy Oak 1