Planting Flowers Around Mailbox (DIY Project Download)

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See more about Mailbox Garden, Mailbox Planter and Mailbox Flowers. Mailbox Ideas How to Add colorful plants around a mailbox with Lowe’s. Mailboxes. Add curb appeal to your front yard by planting a garden around your mailbox. Here are some ideas to help get you started. Planting around your mailbox isn’t a necessity, but when done well, it can visually change the overall look of your yard for the better. Perennial flowers, grasses, and low-growing shrubs are best around mailboxes.

planting flowers around mailbox 2Plant a mailbox vine on a trellis that’s separate from and behind the mailbox. Keep flowers away from the box to protect the mail carrier from (stinging) insects. Clematis that flower on new wood offer easy pruning cut vines back to 6 inches in early spring. Apply this formula around the base of the plant. Then I wanted to add a flower bed around the mailbox. Here is the trench backfilled, the plants planted and waiting for garden cover and mulch. I would like to plant a few plants around my mailbox. I painted the mailbox post cream to match the trim of the house and replaced the original black box with a bronze colored one.

If you plant flowers directly into the clay dirt without improving it, the plants may live a short while but they definitely won’t grow or thrive and they’ll most likely die because the roots suffocate in the thick clay. A garden bed around a mailbox gives gardeners a chance to put their horticultural stamp where it’s sure to show. Plants in a mailbox garden may have to be able to withstand road salt in winter, reflected heat from the street in summer, exhaust fumes in all seasons, and the occasional trampling and curiosity of passers-by. I would like to spruce up the area around my mailbox, which is currently just lawn. If you want to include perennials, be sure to choose a range of plants that will bloom at different points in the season and to include some foliage plants.

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I have a pretty small island around my mailbox but I’m going to make it a bit bigger this year so it can be a little self-contained cottage garden. I have very little planting space in front of it so my mailbox garden would have to also be more behind and to the side. In determining the size of a mailbox garden, match the dimensions of the planting bed to the height of the mailbox. In general, the plants around the post should blend into the landscape, balancing the plants with the size of the bed. The initial idea was to see how they did around the mailbox, and then to buy more for the rest of the front of the house to tie things together. So, I’m on par with my fourth year of planting flowers, expecting different results, and looking like a fool in front of my neighbors. This garden is designed to add beautiful color with foliage and flowers to the mailbox bed from fall through spring. Stop by your local Pike Nurseries for everything you need. This garden is approximately 9 feet long and 6 feet deep. Plant Types. Planting a flower bed around your mailbox can enhance the appeal of the area. Be sure to plant flowers which are tall in nature, such as sunflowers, corn flowers, Black-eyed Susan’s or other varietals which will not be lost against the height of the mailbox.

Add Curb Appeal With A Flower Garden For The Mailbox