Planting Flowers Window Boxes (DIY Project Download)

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Window boxes make it possible to grow flowering or foliage plants outside of nearly any window. The degree of sun exposure required by the plants is the main determining factor when deciding which. Beautiful gardens in miniaturethat’s the essential appeal of window boxes. Flower box and window box experts Flower Framers of Cincinnati offer the ultimate flower box or window box to display your flowers. Go for a layered design like the diagram above: use the tallest plants in the back, with the shorter and bushy plants along the middle rows.

planting flowers window boxes 2Container gardening in hanging baskets and window boxes. Growing flowers in containers. Selecting flower plants, planting, watering, fertilizer, maintenance. Many of them grow well in confined spaces, and window boxes provide the good drainage essential to most herbs. I grow summer savory in a corner of the box, and tuck in a few annual flowers. Find window box flowers and plants beyond the typical periwinkle, geraniums, and daisies.

When flowers share a root zone, they have to get along. Tall plants: Coleus, monkey flower (Mimulus x hybridus) and dusty miller (Senecio cineraria) would work well at the back of a window-box planting. Even if you only have a window sill you can still enjoy the wonder of watching your flowers grow. Where to start? First examine the way the sun hits the window sill: when is it there all day, half the day, never? That determines the kind of plants that you can grow.

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Plant A Window Box, Step By Step