Planting Window Boxes For Full Sun (DIY Project Download)

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A window box adds living personality to your home. Sun or shade, there is a combo that will suit your setting and style. 30 Bright and Beautiful Window Box Planters. Grow this arrangement in partial sun. Tags:. And even though I’ve never planted a window box, I know what I like and I can definitely tell what’s not quite right, just from studying photos of them. I love this full-sun container from DeWald Gardens. The leaves of shade-lovers will get scorched in the high light levels of a south or west-facing wall; plants that thrive in full sun will grow tall and leggy in a northern exposure.

planting window boxes for full sun 2When it comes to planting window boxes, perennial flowers are the bomb diggety. The ideal plants for window boxes are colorful, can withstand hot sun or part shade and don’t have finicky watering requirements. Add color to the landscape by filling your window boxes with flowering annuals. Gardeners have multiple selections among annual sun-lovers. Many trailing types are tolerant of full-sun environments. Nasturtium’s (Tropaeolum majus) Gleam Series averages 2 to 5 feet long. Grow nasturtiums in sandy soil, as rich soils decrease blossoms. Irrigate regularly for proper growth Moss rose (Portulaca grandiflora) grows well in sunny, hot conditions.

Window boxes exposed to full sunlight present a variety of possibilities. A well-designed window box can be the crowning glory of your full sun garden. Unlike a container planter on the porch or a hanging basket, a window box is an extension of your home, an accessory that marries living plant material to your architecture. Learn about all the full sun plants that do well in a window box! Every window box should be planted according to the location where the box will be placed.

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Ferns, like the Boston and Pierson varieties, are excellent for planting window boxes that don’t get a lot of sun because of their graceful drooping and spreading habit. The standard formula for potted plants is a thriller (a tall plant in the center or back), a filler (something mid level to fill out the pot), and spiller (a plant that will cascade down the pot. It needs to be planted in full sun and requires little water once established. They climb 12 – 15 feet high and are perfect as a trailing plant in hanging baskets and window boxes or to climb over trellises and arbors. Full Sun Hanging Baskets, Patio Containers & Window Boxes. This plants can be planted into any container that will be placed in a full sun location, since they tolerate full sun with enough water and feed they will survive just fine our Colorado Summers!. The sun set hours ago, and a steady, cold rain is falling. But there’s no need to put on rain gear and find the flashlight for a trip to the herb garden. Many of them grow well in confined spaces, and window boxes provide the good drainage essential to most herbs. In full shade, only a handful of herbs will do well. Flower box and window box experts Flower Framers of Cincinnati offer the ultimate flower box or window box to display your flowers. There are some wonderful shade plantings that can also be used. Maintenance During hot summer months, water thoroughly and often! Regular watering, of your box is essential to achieve the results and look you want, especially if the flower boxes are in full sun.

The Best Flower Annuals For A Window Box

I have window boxes, south facing (full sun) in Zone 7a. What can this black-thumb plant this fall that will look nice and be (relatively) easy? This is my 4th year planting my window boxes and every year I’ve tried something a little different, hoping to hit on just the right mix. My windows on the lake side get full sun beating down on them all day long and petunias seem to be the only flower that can stand up to the heat. For her demonstration, LeBaron chose a group of sun-loving plants that prefer their soil to be somewhat dry and lean. Continue transferring the plants into the window box until it is full. There is just something quaint about growing a window full of herbs.

If you have a south-facing window that isn’t obstructed by an overhang, you can grow herbs and vegetables that like full sun right outside your window.