Planting Window Boxes Herbs (DIY Project Download)

Ever since I planted my first culinary herbs and discovered I wanted them just outside the door, I dreamed of window boxes spilling over with fragrant herbs. Garden pots and window boxes filled with herbs can help add a fresh touch to your foods and give a boost to your landscape. Growing herbs and salads in a window box provides a fresh supply close to the kitchen, and by making your own box, you can ensure it fits your space perfectly.

planting window boxes herbs has a large selection window boxes and other high quality, eco-friendly, small space garden supplies for container gardening. Herbs are popular for growing in containers thanks to their ease of care, lovely fragrance, and usefulness. Herbs are perfect plants for container gardens. The pots contain their growth and make it easy to bring them indoors when nights are cool. A window box is a particularly effective and practical way to grow herbs in a container. Plant herbs in a window box that gets plenty of sun. A window-box garden or three-pot herb garden is a suitable choice at an affordable price. They’ve got some great tips on how to grow fresh herbs in a window box with ease.

Herbs can be grown separately, in individual pots, or you can plant several different varieties in one large container such as a window box planter, being careful not to overcrowd the pot so that each plant has enough space to grow and reach its full potential. Five of the best..herbs to grow on your window ledge. Herbs to grow on your window ledge. And with DEFRA statistics showing that one in three of us wants to take up DIY food production, window box herbs are the perfect way in for frustrated urban gardeners or nervous beginners. Window boxes allow you to expand your garden without sacrificing space. Planting herbs in a box outside the kitchen window provides an ample supply of culinary herbs right at your fingertips.

Growing Herbs In Containers: Light, Life Cycles And Planting

Whether they are window boxes or planting boxes on the patio, you need to know how much space you have for herbs. Evaluate the sunshine the planters receive daily; most herbs require at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sun. Carol Klein demonstrates how to plant culinary herbs in a window box, with tips on what to plant, drainage, and companion plants to keep garden pests at bay. So you want to grow some herbs for your kitchen garden. In our next segment, we’ll talk about starting from seed, and where to buy the materials you need to grow your own window box. Now you can grow vegetables in window boxes. Just think of how lovely it would be to have a window box full of herbs growing just outside your kitchen window. A few rays of sun plus some containers or window boxes are all you need for a small-space harvest of herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers. These window boxes, just two feet long each, are big enough to grow all sorts of herbs, including oregano, basil, chives, and rosemary. A wide variety of herbs are perfectly suited to window boxes as long as you match your plants to the boxs exposure. These herbs can be interplanted with old flower-box favorites such as pansies and petunias for reliable color throughout the growing season.

Herbs In Pots

Window boxes are a tried and true way to refresh your home’s exterior, invite some lovely aromas into your home, or boost your culinary supplies (fresh herbs and veggies, yum!). You then have three planting options: to plant directly in the window box, to leave plants in separate pots and fill the space in between them with a lightweight material like moss or bark, or to plant in a liner fitted to the window box. For more on herb window boxes, see this article from Fine Gardening. After describing the benefits of growing herbs at home in containers, our vertical veg man picks his favourites. I like a lot of parsley and once filled a whole window box with it. If you will be growing the herbs on a windowsill indoors, visit our page on indoor herb gardening for additional tips. A DIY Herb & Vegetable Window Box. Summertime is herb time, and because herbs grow fast, it’s not too late to start a garden in a window box.

Before you begin planting, arrange your herbs in the empty window box to figure out where you’ll place each plant. I chose to plant the rosemary in the middle because it’ll grow the tallest, creating symmetry between the three herbs. However, window boxes are not just for decoration, they can also be very functional. Planting window boxes with certain herbs will deter flies and mosquitoes from coming into your house. For a well filled window box that will provide you with all the herbs you need for picking all summer long, try planting these varieties.