Plastic Electrical Box Ground (DIY Project Download)

Discover why plastic electrical boxes may be a great choice when installing new devices in your home. Because they are plastic, there is no need to attach a ground wire to it. So I think since the electrical box is plastic, I should just connect the ground of the supply with the ground of the light fixture with the wire nut. It’s easy to damage plastic- sheathed cable that’s left exposed between framing members.

plastic electrical box ground 2I am rewiring my gutted garage using the blue recepticle boxes. These do not have the ground like metal boxes. How do I ground the circuit? I am replacing a 3 prong 220volt outlet and using a plastic box. Great question Lori Yes, as long as the ground is bonded at the panel, and spliced through at every junction along the way, but the ground did not have a termination screw at the fixture box for the lamp holder, and the ground wire at that point was just tucked into the junction box then the continuity of the ground will still be bonded all the way through. Secondly, a plastic electrical box, unlike a metal electrical box, does not need to be grounded. Though a plastic electrical box, versus a metal electrical box, does not need to be grounded itself, the ground wires associated with the various Romex cables coming into the box, along with the outlet or switch receptacle, need to be properly tied off together.

If the junction box is metal (not plastic) the ground wire is also connected to the metal junction box itself, usually by a special green screw that connects to a tapped threaded hole on the junction box back side, or by a grounding clip that secures the ground wire to the edge of the metal box. If you don’t have a ground wire in the box, grounding that outlet would require installing a new outlet to code. Replace the cover plate and tighten securely, but not hard enough to crack the plastic. Shop for Underground Electrical Boxes, in ground plastic junction box from Platt Electric Supply.

Grounding Using Plastic Boxes?

What does every one prefer to use to connect the grounds together in a plastic box. wire nuts or the ground connectors you crimp down on. Power. Originally Posted by mcclary’s electrical View Post. If this were a metal box, one would connect all the ground conductors to the ground terminal on the switch, then bond to the box. A question came up where one has a 3 switches, 3 NM-B cables and a 3 gang plastic box. Last edited by mcclary’s electrical; 03-03-10 at 07:01 PM. Note: you can buy steel or plastic junction boxes. If you must, for some reason, use a metal box, make sure to route all grounds in the box to the ground tab on the metal box. 28, 1964 MOLDED PLASTIC OUTLET BOXES WITH GROUNDING PLATES 2 SheetsSheet 1 Filed March 15 1961 INVENTOR P A L M E R LEWIS E. 5 showing the manner of fastening the ground strap; FIG. Should I be pulling off the original ground wire and wiring that directly to the new outlet? Everything I read says to wire it to the box, but nothing explains why. It isn’t grounded to a box when use a plastic box. I think plastic boxes were invented to speed up wiring, no wasting time screwing metal boxes to the framing, no need to ground the plastic ones, no messing with cable clamps.

Electrical Outlet Ground Wire Connections, How To Connect The Grounding Conductor At An Electrical Plug Outlet Or Wall Receptacle