Plastic Electrical Box Stripped (DIY Project Download)

Drill & tap electrical box repair: Using the methods discussed in the article above, drill out the existing but stripped screw receiver in the plastic electrical box to receive a larger screw, taking care to avoid sharp tipped screws and pierced electrical wiring. How common is it to have plastic wall boxes that are damaged or stripped at the attachment point for the outlet or switch? I have found that often this is caused by someone using a drywall screw to attach the device to the box, which strips the threads or cracks the plastic. Sometimes, when working on receptacles I run into stripped screw holes. These holes are built-in to the junction box which is made of plastic or some brownish and brittle material.

plastic electrical box stripped 2Without having to replace the electrical box itself, is there a quick fix to be able to screw the outlet into the box?. (I only use metal boxes, I don’t use plastic as a personal choice). The two threaded holes in the box that receive the 6-32 screws used to secure the duplex receptacle to the box are easily stripped when removed and in. How often do you come across stripped plastic wall boxes, that can no longer hold the 6-32 tight. Electrician Talk – Professional Electrical Contractors Forum.

My 30 year old house was built with plastic electrical boxes. I am now replacing several with gfi, and some just so that plugs don’t fall out. How often do you get a service call for a stripped or damaged Plastic wall case / box? How do you make the repair and how long does it take? I have a plastic single gang box that has a broken screw hole. The G-Clip repairs broken, stripped plastic electrical boxes without removing the box.

Electrical Box Is Stripped

So one of the two screws holding a receptacle into a gang box is stripped causing the outlet to hang out on the top. Anybody have any suggestions. Repairs broken and stripped electrical Plastic PVC wall switch and outlet box, G-Clip. Stripped screws in plastic box with ceiling fan Lighting & Electrical. I have a ceiling fan upstairs that was mounted to a plastic box and over the past 15 years, the screws have stripped a bit and the fan gets loose from the ceiling a little and wobbles. If your screw goes into a brass insert molded in the plastic, you may be out of luck. If the threads in the electrical box are stripped, you can cut new, larger threads using a tapping tool and then use the next screw size up. Most stripped plastic electrical wall boxes are a direct result of someone using a sheet metal or drywall screw instead of the proper 6-32 machine screw, usually because the machine screw is too short or lost / missing. Question – The junction box for my dining room light fixture has stripped – DI. Find the answer to this and other Electrical questions on JustAnswer. AssuredElectrical: usually made into the sides is plastic, what color?

Stripped Out Plastic Electrical Boxes

The G-Clip will repair broken and stripped plastic electrical wall boxes without removing the box from the wall. The G-Clip saves time, money and effort without wall damage. All was fine, screwed up the sockets OK until my wife undid them all to paint and on screwing them back up stripped the threads in two sockets. Try as I might I cannot screw up the sockets to the boxes now. I don’t want to replace the boxes because it is all plastered and painted now. 5 – no:-( You can get a re-threading tool for about 3 at a local electrical factors- it is a tap with a plastic srewdriver style handle. This electrician used drywall screws to mount everything to the plastic electrical boxes. I find that coarse thread wood screws hold admirably well in plastic boxes however I have only used them when a box has become stripped out, you can’t reliably re-tap a plastic box. After removing the cover plate, I noticed the plastic outlet box that houses the receptacles have screw holes that the receptacle screws into have broken. The threads aren’t stripped out, but the boss itself is broken?

Over time, the plastic outlet boxes can become brittle and break, also inserting screws that are self tapping or drywall screws will cause the threads to strip and or crack and often prevent the outlet from seating flush. Ceiling light boxes consist of metal or plastic boxes. If your light fixture pulls out from the ceiling, chances are that the light box has cracked or the screws holding the box into the ceiling have stripped or broken off. The junction box appears to be made of a pressed wood fiber material and the holes for mounting the bracket are stripped out. Is this repairable and if so how? As I was re-installing the receptacles back into the electrical boxes, I broke one screw hole on an electrical box. If stripped go to the hardware store and look for a slightly larger screw, self tapping would be best. Note: you can buy steel or plastic junction boxes. I do not use steel. (3) Strip sheath off of all cables inside the junction box. Note that the sheath does not provide anything of value inside the box, so it can be striped off all the way to where the cable comes into the box.