Platform Bed Versus Regular Bed (DIY Project Download)

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I realize most platform beds sit lower and have more of a modern look. Regardless, I am 6’4 ish and sleep on a regular 76×80 eastern king. The once-spartan platform is taking on new cachet, thanks to more styles, changes in mattress technologyand, perhaps, vampires. With so many bed frame options to choose from, it can be hard to know if platform beds are right for you. Platform beds are becoming popular, and certain designs have become recently popular in other areas for their contemporary look, but that’s not the only reason people love them.

platform bed versus regular bed 2Platform bed support systems feature a built in foundation that will consist of either a slat support system or may include a solid panel foundation in the design of these beds. The platform bed is the oldest style, but it’s one of today’s more modern choices. Most flotation beds look like traditional innerspring mattresses and can be used with regular bed frames. Platform Beds Vs. Box Springs. The platform or foundation of a bed is used to support the mattress. Typically this has been part of a system including boxs prings.

A platform bed is a bed frame and can be used instead of a foundation to provide support for your mattress. Can I convert a regular bed into a platform bed? January 26, 2008. Is there a difference between a foundation and a box spring? Some innerspring mattresses will feel different on a platform bed vs. a foundation.

Why A Platform Bed?

Trying to decide between a platform bed and a box spring bed? The advantages and disadvantages of each type are important to consider, especially for personal sleeping preferences. Good Question: A Box Spring with a Platform Bed? My mother insisted I would be crippled by back pain, but I’ve never noticed a difference. The problem with the platform bed is that if you actually have the box spring and mattress together, they’re actually much higher than a standard bed. That 4-inch difference seems small, but it was night vs. day for us. Cost to switch out regular box spring for a low-profile box spring (100, Macy’s). Our flexible slats fit into a bed frame just like a box spring. Because our mattresses are uniquely flexible in construction, they are designed to be used with either a platform surface or our flexible slat system. See the best mattress types for platform-style bed frames. Platform beds continue gaining popularity with minimalist and modern decor styles, but since these beds have different support systems, different considerations can go into finding the best mattress. Softside waterbeds can be used on regular platform beds, but require solid flat support. Brand Analysis: Tempurpedic vs Amerisleep Memory Foam. Buy Premier Platform Bed Frame at This combined with the mattress in a box, it feels just like a regular bed.

Compares A Platform Bed Versus A Foundation For A Mattress?

Choosing between a daybed and a regular twin-size bed can be a tough decision, especially if you don’t have much wall space for a daybed. A daybed has a headboard and a standard mattress but also serves as a seating area when you’re not sleeping. Box Springs are extremely popular because of its practical use and its ease of installation. However they can be costy, they take up more space than the platform beds and they are difficult to transport. Are platform beds more firm than regular beds? I know some people put a board under their regular mattress to make it more firm so I’m thinking a platform bed might have a similar effect. This platform bed also has a fully upholstered frame.

Platform Beds. A platform bed consists of a raised, level base with a usually rectangular horizontal solid frame, often with a section consisting of rows of flexible wooden slats or a latticed structure meant to support just a mattress.