Playground Equipment For Wheelchair Users (DIY Project Download)

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Landscape Structures is committed to innovating new playground equipment to ensure children of all abilities have access & inclusion in play. Our all access playground equipment is designed to allow easy access for wheelchair users, incorporating large ramps, sensory play panels, slides and much more. Handicap-accessible playground equipment from AAA State of Play lets kids with special needs join the fun. Wheelchair/ADA Accessible Flush Mount Ramp for Funtimbers.

playground equipment for wheelchair users 2Play parks without proper wheelchair access and equipment suitable for all visitors including those with special needs are starting to seem like relics from the past. The playground also features all-important surfacing for wheelchair users, as well as an accessible picnic area. A few years ago the city I live in wanted to update their barrier free wheelchair accessible playground. The old playground was wheelchair accessible but was nothing more than a series of wooden ramps and a merry-go-round with tie downs. Sutcliffe Play’s aim is to create play equipment that enables children, where possible, to leave their disabilities and wheelchairs behind, so we do not promote equipment such as wheelchair ramps or wheelchair swings.

Playgrounds for children with disabilities are important for all kids to be able to play with each other. When planning a playground for children with special needs, it’s important to understand the difference between an accessible playground and an inclusive playground. Fortunately, there are several equipment companies that can explain these differences clearly and offer guidance in finding sources to fund the project. The playground’s surface material provides ease of movement for wheelchair users, and adaptive swings are typically available. Our inclusive playgrounds promote physical, cognitive, learning, visual and hearing experiences that enrich play experiences for all children.

30 Most Impressive Accessible And Inclusive Playgrounds

Is the equipment and access suitable for wheelchairs and buggies? Our wheelchair swings are suitable for all ages and can also take push chairs allowing everyone the right to play without having to use a hoist. This flush fitted wheelchair trampoline is an excellent new addition to our AbilityRange wheelchair friendly equipment. I am excited to see the development of accessible play spaces around Australia and the world. Very nice to provide the accesibilities to the wheelchair users. At Active Playground Equipment we believe that an accessible or inclusive playspace should support the rights of children to expect to play side by side with their peers as a fact and not as an exception to the rule. It also creates a play environment that is not zone-prejudice to different abilities, but allows users to interact inclusively and universally throughout the playscape. When choosing surfacing to compliment your accessible, or inclusive playground, choose a solution that will allow for children in a walker, or a wheelchair to access all the ground level components in your playspace. Learn about accessible and inclusive play equipment. Users can transfer from a wheelchair to the spinning disc and can sit or lay on the disc. 500 to 800 pounds of wheelchair and medical equipment still get to swing. For children to have fun, learn and bond with others, playground environments must be accepting to their users, Dennis said.

Accessible Playgrounds For Children With Disabilities

What kind of equipment is accessible to children with disabilities? Playgrounds with ramps and smooth ground surfaces can help wheelchair users easily access and maneuver throughout the different areas. NEW Cruiser multi-user rocker! With enough room for two wheelchairs and two full benches, the Cruiser allows up to 12 children of all abilities to play together. Play value is a popular and important term in the playground equipment industry. Enhanced Social Interaction with Multi-User Play Structures. All Elephant Play accessible playground equipment structures may function as a transfer platform for children with mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs. Specifically designed for wheelchair users, our heavy-duty wheelchair swing is a popular piece of play equipment for disabled children. Also suitable for adult use, the disabled swing has a ramp which folds down for easy access and is supplied with a 4-point webbing restraint, securing the wheelchair to the platform.

Our unique range inclusive playground equipment will help you cater for children with special needs and wheelchair users. Contact us on 0800 633 5618. Our swings and other equipment encourage inclusive play and fun. If a wheelchair user doesn’t have enough arm strength for these maneuvers, a friend or companion can help start the classic forward and backward motion for them.