Pocket Door Scraping (DIY Project Download)

Replacing pocket doors or installing new pocket door hardware is a solution to non-working doors. The problem with rubbing doors can sometimes be traced to the bottom door guides. My wife insisted on a pocket door for the pantry and against better judgement I allowed her to have it. Now the door is rubbing in the frame and my carpenter has tried just about everything to stop it short of tearing everything out, oven cabinets on one side and panrty shelves on the other. The good news is that once it’s time to install the actual pocket door hardware, you’re long past the hard part. RUBBING DOORS Let’s talk about rubbing pocket doors.

pocket door scraping 2Hi, all — We have a pocket door between our Mbath and bedroom. It may also be applied to pocket doors that will not slide completely into thepocket. Work may also require removing the doors and replacing the rollers. Support door while scraping underneath to clear debris. 3. Support door while scraping underneath to clear debris. 3.

I have a sliding door that separates the living room from the hallway leading to bed and bathroom. I discovered unfortunatley that the siiding door is rubbing where it goes into the wall. 6. How to restore the smooth roll and click of the perfect pocket door. Hey everyone.. just had a contractor hang a pocket door on a new addition room. looks fine but scrapes the sides all the way down so surely this.

Problem With Sliding Door

pocket door is off track 3A pocket door adjustment takes a few minutes and a couple of tools. If your door is too low, possibly scraping the floor, you will need to raise it. Unlike entry doors, sliding closet doors rarely have a bottom track. This creates a problem — there’s nothing to stop them from hitting and rubbing against each other. Sliding-glass doors are a popular feature in rooms with decks or. After a bit of adjustment, the door should roll easily without rubbing on the bottom track. The pocket door to my bathroom never worked right. I knew something was scraping the door, because there was a large & obvious lateral scratch in the paint. So the door scrapes slightly on one side, and the other side gapes a bit. By sliding the screwdriver assembly along the rails of the attached tool and under the screw head, vertical pressure can be applied and the screws removed by truning the long handle counter clock-wise, simply and easily. A. Our kit comes with a 71 track (for 36 doors) that can easily be cut with a hacksaw to fit door sizes down to 12. Q. My door scrapes against the side.

Problem With Sliding Door

You can often adjust pocket doors by simply turning some screws on the rollers, but in some cases you can’t access the screws without disassembling the jamb. The opening in the split stud is just wide enough for the door, and to keep the door from scraping on the edges of the track, the manufacturer supplies two plastic guides, which are screwed to the base of the jamb. Prime-Line – Pocket Door Bottom Guide, Nylon – This nylon pocket door guide features a jamb mounted design. How every there is a slight scraping sound when I close the door and it was not installed.