Poker Table Felt Cloth (DIY Project Download)

Buy poker table felt with pre-printed game layouts on poker table cloth or by the yard for custom poker table felt. Using a quality Poker Table Felt is an essential part to building a quality poker table. All of the poker felts will provide an excellent playing surface. Coose from seven different styles of poker felt, some with several color options. The best surface for a poker table would be Suited Speed Cloth. Felt. This is the material used to cover billiard tables. It is durable and the playing cards slide well but it is a bit rough and may produce lint.

poker table felt cloth 2Learn about what makes the best felt and fabrics to use on a poker table. We know that one of the most important things about your table’s play-ability, is the poker table felt being used on the playing surface. The material you use plays a role in not only how your table looks, but how the cards slide across it. Brybelly Holdings GFEL-205 Blue Sublimation Poker Table Felt.

How To Choose Your Poker Table Playing Surface Fabric

Custom Poker Table Felts