Pool Beer Pong Tables (DIY Project Download)

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High quality foam floating beer pong tables that won’t pop or deflate like Inflatable tables! Cups are visible and touch at the rims unlike other tables on the market! Easily personalize your table or choose one of our unique designs like the Tiki Table. Custom Floating Foam Beer Pong Table also used for Flip Cup in the pool or on. Well, beer pong in a pool is much better.So I decided that, rather than buying a floating beer pong table, I’d build my own.. hence, this Instructable.P.S. This is my first Instructable so, constructive criticism is certainly welcome. Walmart.com – and save. Buy Beer Pong Table 8′ Portable Folding Outdoor Indoor College Party New at a great price. Floating Pool Beer Pong Table, Pink.

pool beer pong tables 2Floating beer pong table for ppl that have a pool. cool. Floating beer pong table. This WILL happen one day. Beer Pong beerpongtable belgianbeer beer. Dreaming of white ping-pong balls, cold beer, red dixie cups, and sweet victory? Don’t go through the agony of beer pong withdrawal just because you’re away from dry land! Our floating beer pong table turns the most beloved of all college drinking games into one of the most entertaining (and possibly the most exciting) swimming pool games yet! Set up is a breeze simply unpack from the handy storage tote and inflate the beer pong table. Planning a pool party and want to include a game of beer pong as well? This great inflatable beer pong table will be the perfect thing!

Get your balls wet (literally) with this inflatable floating beer pong table for your swimming pool, lake, or river. This table has room for 10-cup games as well as 6-cup games and features wash cups (in case you want non-chlorine water on your balls). Pool and beer pong – it’s an invincible combination that invites endless possibilities for crazy fun! Get your party started with this floating beer pong table! From. Point Pong is a portable, floatable beer pong table. This floating Beer Pong table is great for pool beer pong and tailgating beer pong parties.

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pool beer pong tables 3Airtime Party Pool Pong Beer Pong Water Drinking Game 166x77cm. The Neon Green Pool Beer Pong Table is a great way to get any Spring Break or Summer Party going. Just throw this floating table in the pool, and the bright Neon Green Raft will let everyone know that you have come for a good time. Imagine what your friends will say when they jump into your pool. The Port-O-Pong inflatable beer pong table is a simple and quick way to get a game of beer pong going. Take it to the park, your pool, a friend’s basement, or anywhere people enjoy mixing a modicum of athletic ability with imbibing.

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