Portable Collapsible Bookshelf Apparatus Invention (DIY Project Download)

portable collapsible bookshelf apparatus invention 1

The invention is directed to bookshelves, and more particularly, is a portable bookshelf apparatus that is collapsible and can be easily moved and placed in a new location with minimum effort. The folding shelf includes forward vertical supports and rearward vertical supports. In one aspect of the present invention, a folding shelf apparatus comprises: forward vertical supports; rearward vertical supports; at least one horizontal shelf pivotally mounted to the forward vertical supports and the rearward vertical supports; at least one wall mount configured to attach to a wall; and at least one latch protruding from the folding shelf and releasably attachable to the at least one wall mount. 84,169 Amusement, illusion apparatus for, Darcy & Lubin. 873,873 Bookcase. 874,202 Burglar alarm, portable, J. L. Mulry. 874,152 gg case, folding or collapsible, M. Miller 874,104 Electric condnlts. end cap for, H. P. Moore 874,019 Electric controllers, automatic cut out for, A.

portable collapsible bookshelf apparatus invention 2SELL your Surplus Boating Equipment in BOATING MARKET PLACE in the next available issue. Portable 9 Transistor AM-FM-VHF Aircraft receiver. Bookshelf. Collapsible FARM-POND-FISHTRAPS; Animal traps. 2,533,333, issued to Kitson, discloses a collapsible and portable wardrobe featuring shelf and clothes-storage space, which may be rolled compactly for ease of transport. Portable, Collapsible, Workstation Tray Table Apparatus. In an alternate embodiment of the present invention, the frame folds into a box and shelf with hinges similar to a lawn chair that enables the frame to bend and lock into place.

(Cl. 248-356) This invention relates to equipment that is especially useful in supporting and presenting merchandise displays and it relates more particularly to a display standard which comprises a part of such equipment. Jun 2004, 29 Dec 2005, Joyce Shaffer, Portable, collapsible bookshelf apparatus. A portable, collapsible shelf includes a generally rectangular frame with a panel extending across the frame to support a cat or the like. 1 is a pictorial view of the shelf of the present invention mounted between a storm door and primary door in a home;. US2042517, 15 Jan 1934, 2 Jun 1936, Kelvinator Corp, Refrigerating apparatus. Collapsible hinged hangers that are particularly useful when traveling. The All In One Case is a drawer stand that expands upward to create a shelf with drawers in between each one.


diy collapsible bookshelf 3Portable, Compact, and Collapsible Shelving Unit, 9,198,508, December 01, 2015. Welcome to the Online New Inventions Debut featuring new products available for licensing, sale, distribution, manufacturing, investment, etc. The XT BandTM is a compact, portable, exercise tool that can be used anywhere, including where there’s limited space, and enables the user to perform a variety of cardiovacular, yoga and pilates exercises, as well as exercises that can be performed while sitting on a chair. The patent pending Magic Corner Planter, Sconce or ShelfTM is specially designed for the outside corners of walls, will come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and is made out of a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. The Amazing Folding TableTM is a unique folding table that opens to three sizes, seating up to 12 people, which sets up in 20 seconds. The Bull-Mixa is a hydraulically powered, self-loading mixing apparatus which can be attached to and transported by front-end loaders, bobcats, tractors excavators, backhoes, or any 3-point linkage with hydraulic remotes machinery. The Stashway Foldable Piano Body is a portable stand for an electric keyboard that looks like a grand piano. The present invention relates to a construction system for providing a load support against substantially horizontal forces, particularly with regard to transportation of goods in containers, trucks etc. 29 Dec 2005, Joyce Shaffer, Portable, collapsible bookshelf apparatus.

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