Position Of Mirror In Bedroom According To Vastu (DIY Project Download)

position of mirror in bedroom according to vastu 1

Keep the television in South-East portion of room. If the mirror is placed in the children’s room, it should be placed in a way that it should not obstruct their concentration. Here are a few important Vastu tips for the right placement of the bedroom mirror. When it comes to placing a dressing table or mirror in the bedroom, many people have confusion and misconceptions. Documented research done in the past two decades in the field of Vaastu, however, proves that the position of a dressing table reflecting the bed does not create any such negative effect by itself. Twitter to free room for links and photos: Report.

position of mirror in bedroom according to vastu 2Will placement of mirrors in the living room help? If so on which walls? Thank you P. Yes, it’s true! Mirrors play an important role in the vastu of your home or office. Placement of mirrors matter a lot. And it’s proven scientifically that mirrors can make or break energy within your house. To the left ( north east) is a bedroom which we never use, its more like a free room, with attached toilet more like in the south east directionTo the right ( north west ) is our main bedroom.

Following simple vastu tips for design ideas such as right position of mirror could also fetch wealth effortlessly. Mirrors should not face North or East according to House Vastu. Mirrors should be avoided in bedrooms since they affect peaceful sleep. Get free vastu tips for bed room like Colors and sleeping direction according to vastu shastra. Mirror: Don’t place your bedroom mirror on the wall opposite your bed, as it disturbs sleep. The starting or birth of mirrors is as old as the human civilization. In such a case, wrapping of the mirror around such column eases the position.

Vaastu Shastra And Mirrors

A mirror is not only reflection of yourself but of your room’s style and integrity also. According to ancient science of directions, Vastu Shastra peace and harmony reign through bedroom if the room is located in right direction. If there is more than one floor, the head of the family should have his bed room in south-west direction on first floor. It should never be placed in front of bed as it works like a mirror. Read about Vaastu/Vaasthu guidelines for bedroom. At such a position, the mirror reflects your image and holds back your stress, rather than allowing you to throw it off. In a room that has sharp corners, you will never be able to experience peace, unless you soften them by placing plants in front. If which room should be constructed in which direction is not kept in mind while planning a house, the whole building may go against the principles Vastu Shastra and it will create lot of troubles causing irreparable harms and loss to the owner / inmates. Placement of mirrors on South and West wall are inauspicious. South or southwest direction is not at all suitable for children’s room, guest room, servant room or any other room. As per Vastu, mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as this leads to frequent misunderstandings and quarrels between couples. These principles ensure your room offers maximum peace, prosperity and positivity-.

Role Of Mirrors In Vastu

According to feng shui, if you spend sleepless nights then you can blame the mirror in your bedroom. The Mirror could be bouncing energy in the bedroom, and keeping you awake, restless and full of worries. The location of living room, depends on the particular direction that the house faces. Don’t place your bedroom mirror on the wall opposite your bed, as it disturbs sleep. The ideal placement is on either wall perpendicular to the door. A mirror correctly placed in the dining room can double your family’s abundance. In feng shui, the food on the table is seen as twice the actual amount, which symbolizes the abundance of your household with having more than enough to nourish your family. If your hallway is entrance of your home or it leads directly into another room, be careful not to overcrowd the walkway. North or the East direction is considered having the flow of positive energy, so mirror should not be placed facing on this direction as they reflect back the positive energy.

This is direction in which the room of head of the house should be located. Looking mirror should be positioned such that they are not at the foot of bed or on opposite side of the entry door. Mirrors Do not use mirror in bedrooms. cruelty. single bird. Here the Almira is having one mirror which is not good to keep towards Southwest direction of the room, which is towards Southwest master bedroom. The right placement of mirrors using feng shui methodology can correct almost any problem. You can hence create a missing room or place by adding a large mirror on a wall that would lead to the missing place of the house. (Manisha Koushik is a tarot card reader, numerologist and Vastu Feng consultant. In the Bagua position of Journey, Life Purpose, using a mirror to add water energy would be helpful, depending on the other factors like what it reflects and it’s proximity to the door. Be careful when placing a small mirror at your desk or in a room to open it up. A mirror can be used to compensate for the lack of a command position. It is particularly relevant for the following: desk, bed, main seating in the living room, stove.