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I want this for the shed!! Awesome for the weekends and to practice! The ultimate his and her matching Rogue RML-3 monster racks – Clicky to see it at Rogue garagegym. Homemade power rack made out of wood and pipe. See more about Power Rack, Homemade and Home Gyms. So I decided to look into the DIY option. Has anyone used a wooden power rack, and of so, how was the experience and was it worth saving a few hundred bucks? Thanks!.

power rack diy wood 2Power Rack. diy wooden power weightlifting rack garage gym. Easy to Build DIY Power Rack (Squat Rack). As with any project, the first step is to choose your wood. While at the lumber yard I sorted through the stack of kiln dried 2x6s to find the straightest ones (I needed 13), and then once back in my garage I sorted them again to pick the absolute best eight which would become the legs of the rack. Sufficient thick wall PVC tubing to span the uprights of your power rack. Recently, Plate Loader of the IOL posted pictures of his homemade power cage that was constructed of wood.

First of all, there was a thread created a few years ago titled Building a power rack, in which a js385787 claimed he made a homemade power rack which can hold 600lbs, with wood screws. I would like to see this power rack. Next question – metal or wood? The reason for building a power rack specifically, is that it allows you to safely lift heavy weights on your own. For assembling the structure, I used wood screws, and put nuts and bolts in strategic places for easy assembly and disassembly. I built and used a rack made from wood, and it was plenty strong.

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Many people have DIY power rack videos on YouTube from which you can harvest ideas for your own. Others have made simpler power cages from wood too. I’ve seen another one on the web made of wood. Should be able to google it. Man, I would not trust a wooden DIY power rack. That’s not a technical comment on the structural integrity of such a rig, because I have no idea, but I just don’t think I would feel comfortable squatting heavy weight in that. Save by building your own power rack out of wood with these detailed plans.

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