Pres To Logs Wood Pellets (DIY Project Download)

I am pleased with the heating efficiency of the wood pellet fuel I have purchased from Pres-to-Logs. However, I AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH THE PACKAGING OF YOUR PELLETS. Manufacturer of premium wood pellets and Pres-to-logs fire logs. Renewable wood pellet fuel on East and West coast. With the exception of my auger crunching the longer pellets once in a while these also should have been my go to this year (based on price, ash and burn).

pres to logs wood pellets 2Along with wood pellets for residential home heating, the Idaho location makes Pres-to-Logs brand fire logs, fire starters and bedding products. Both the Virginia and West Virginia plants manufacture residential heating pellets and animal bedding pellets, and both have recently begun producing barbecue pellets for wood pellet grills and smokers. The picture of the pellets on the left show a pellet that is much lighter in color than the ones I got this year. We just bought a few bags of Press-to-Logs wood pellets from K-Mart for 4. Home Depot 40 lb. Premium Wood Pellet Fuel reviews and customer ratings for Pres-to-Logs.

The merger brings together some of the industry’s most well-known brands including Golden Fire, Lignetics, Bear Mountain, America’s Best, Pres-to-Log, Dry Den, Cozy Den and EZ Equine. Manufacturer Of Renewable High Quality Compressed Fire Logs And Wood Pellets. Whether in the form of firewood, pressed logs or wood pellets, sales take off whenever gas prices spike. At Lignetics, which began producing wood pellets in 1978 and later purchased the Presto Log brand and started manufacturing that line, the plant in Kootenai also has an artificial production ceiling caused by lower building lumber output in the face of slower housing starts.

The ‘new’ Lignetics

We carry several lines of wood burning stoves including pellet stoves. We are excited to introduce three new products from Lignetics! We are now carrying Lignetics stove pellets and Pres-to-logs 100 natural wood fire logs. The Best Pellet Fuel is at Ambler Fireplace & Patio We carry only the highest quality pellets with the lowest ash content around. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets and Pres-to-Logs (presto logs) fire logs burn hotter, more efficiently, and leave less ash than their competitors. For over 25 years, Golden Fire has produced wood pellets made from 100 renewable Oregon Douglas Fir sawdust. Lignetics is the largest residential wood pellet manufacturing company in the U. With more than 30 years in the wood pellet industry, Lignetics is one of the founding pioneers of manufacturing premium wood pellets and Pres-to-Logs fire logs for home heating.

Largest Us Wood Pellet Producer

Yesterday, the two longest-running wood pellet manufacturing companies in the U. Golden Fire, Lignetics, Bear Mountain, America’s Best, Pres-to-Log, Dry Den, Cozy Den and EZ Equine. Lignetics: premium wood pellets, pres-to-logs, and firestar. Lignetics Wood Pellet Fuel is made from the finest raw materials available. Lignetics manufactured firelogs (Pres-to-Logs) are manufactured like their pellets under the same strict quality control standards using the same premium western conifer sawdust.