Presto Logs Wood Pellets (DIY Project Download)

Comment Link Wednesday, 04 November 2015 17:49 posted by Jackson Peterson I am pleased with the heating efficiency of the wood pellet fuel I have purchased from Pres-to-Logs. They are Presto logs pellets 240/ton. They were the best pellets I’ve ever burned – and I’m about an hour from the Vermont Wood Pellets factory and have burned a bunch of those. If you want a very hot burning and very low ash wood pellet, I can only recommend Press-to-Logs made by Lignetics. I bought 5 ton of Presto-Logs last season.

presto logs wood pellets 2Pellets and wood, I do not discriminate – except the stove they burn within. While surfing the web one night I saw on the Lignetics Web site a bag of Pres-to-Log Pellets so when I saw them offered last winter at HD a bought a couple tons besause Lignetics were hard to find in these parts. Manufacturer of premium wood pellets and Pres-to-logs fire logs. Renewable wood pellet fuel on East and West coast. Energy Logs are a great alternative to firewood. Great for power outages. Presto Logs are sold by the each or the pallet and we deliver on Bainbridge Island. Wood pellets.

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