Pro Ject Cd Box Se (DIY Project Download)

CD Box S. The CD Box S (as well as bigger CD Box DS model) from Pro-Ject Box Design has been created exclusively to play Red Book, standard audio CDs. Pro-Ject expands its super-affordable Box Series with a new 300 CD player. I too have recently bought a Pro-ject CD box SE for much the same reasons as you. It is very solid in construction – like a piece of modern architecture! I am using it with a Graham Slee headphone amp which is actually more expensive, so I’ve reversed the normal order of having a higher-end CD player.

pro ject cd box se 2Project CD Box S CD Player from Superfi’s extensive range of hi-fi separates chosen by in-house experts, all with our price beat promise. The Project CD Box SE CD player drive is supported by a special subchassis which features one hard and three soft points of contact. Colour/Finish. Pro-Ject CD Box S CD Player. Compact, Powerful, and Accurate Pro-Ject CD Box S CD Player Delivers Incredible Realism and Outstanding Accuracy.

The Project CD Box SE is a sonically improved version of the standard CD Box detailed further up this page. It is the same tiny width but taller at 7.6cm and a little deeper. Pro-Ject CD Box SE CD Player project pro ject vinyl record deck 33 45 Pro-Ject CD Box DS CD Player. Buy CD Players online at! Lowest prices on CD Players on the internet!

Project Cd Box S Cd Player

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