Pro Ject Head Box Ds Review (DIY Project Download)

Pro-Ject Head Box DS Headphone Amplifier A highly respected and truly improved headphone pre-amplifier. Please click for full review Features – One headphone. Head-Box DS is based on the former SE model, which has a very good sound quality, but only one analogue input. Pro-Ject’s superior headphone amplifier is a must for anyone who is serious about getting the best from their headphones. The Head Box DS allows you to enjoy your music in high fidelity in the comfort and privacy of your own headphones. Industry Reviews.

pro ject head box ds review 2The Head Box DS headphone amp with built-in DAC from Pro-Ject is a completely new design that delivers uncompromising sound quality. Description; Features; Specs; Pro Reviews; Manual; Warranty. I picked up a Pro-ject Headbox II to use with my HD600’s and SR60’s. I’ll get iBasso D7 and Audio GD Master 5 soon, I’ll post a review. In the October issue we incorrectly stated that the Pro-Ject Head Box DS was fitted with a Burr Brown PCM1792 chipset, when in fact it came fitted with a Cirrus Logic CS4344 DAC chipset. Music Reviews – our favourite music on all formats.

The Project Head Box DS is a high quality headphone amplifier with both analogue and digital input options. Pro-Ject Head Box DS – showing prices. Compare DACs & Headphone Amplifiers side by side. In his entry on Pro-Ject’s impressive DAC Box DS, Jon Iverson noted that the Sumiko suite showed an entire wall of the company’s cute but powerful Box components.

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Project Head Box Ds Headphone Amplifier With Dac