Pro Ject Head Box S Usb Review (DIY Project Download)

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– compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see DAC Box USB specs and features. Here it’s established turntable guru Pro-Ject’s turn to attempt to turn our heads.Even by prevailing standards, the DAC Box USB is a tiddler at just 4x10x10cm. SUBMISSION RULES. NO RANDOM PICTURES OF RECORDS. Photo posts of records must also include a description, story, or review of the album. When really getting down to serious listening with the Pro-Ject Head Box DS I connected it to the record-output of the preamplifier in my main system that has a digital front end that uses a Dell Studio XPS 3.

pro ject head box s usb review 2The Pro-ject Headbox S USB is a robustly-built, high quality alternative to the often inferior headphone outputs on many hifi systems along with a USB input for digital audio sources. Project Headbox S Headphone Amplifier Available in black or silver Pro-Ject Head Box S Dedicated Headphone Amplifier. Reviews. Hi-Fi News Appraises Pro-Ject Head Box S with Outstanding Product Award. Pro-ject’s entry level headphone amplifier. A highly respected piece of kit, now benefiting from improved aesthetics. The Head Box S allows you to enjoy your music in the comfort and privacy of your own headphones. Industry Reviews.

The Pro-Ject Head Box S USB is an audiophile headphone amplifier featuring an integrated DAC. Offering class-leading sound quality and practicality, the Head Box S USB delivers richly colourful audio which is accurately and precisely presented. Write a Review. You might think that you can’t get much in a metal box the thickness of three CD jewel cases and rather smaller in footprint, but Pro-Ject has managed to get a power amp in one, a two-input line preamp in another, headphone and phono amps in a further couple: and in this one, a dedicated USB-only DAC. The caller countered with What about the Pro-ject DAC Box FL?. Hi-res hifi hungry-hungry hippos are only served 24/96 over the two S/PDIF inputs. A DAC for first systems, student digs and budget head-fi-ers, its sound connotes competent entry level.

Project Head Box S Usb Headphone Amplifier

pro ject head box s headphone stage 3Pro-Ject Head Box S USB – showing prices. Compare DACs & Headphone Amplifiers side by side. The Head Box DS headphone amp with built-in DAC from Pro-Ject is a completely new design that delivers uncompromising sound quality. Pro-Ject Head Box S USB – showing prices. Compare DACs & Headphone Amplifiers side by side. Unfortunately, when I’m at uni, I need to use a M-box blue USB thing, as it acts as an i-Lok key for pro tools, do the amp needs to accept a line connection, as I wouldn’t be able to a DAC with pro tools. The Pro-Ject Headbox seems to get some great reviews and some awful reviews. Okki Nokki vs Pro-Ject VC-S. Pro-Ject Pre Box Preamplifier and Head Box II Headphone Amplifier Review. 0 Headphone Amp & Preamp Review iFi Micro iUSB 3.0 & Gemini USB Cable Reviews Marantz M-CR611 Network CD Receiver Review. The Head Box S USB from Box Design by Pro-Ject Audio is the same high-grade headphone pre-amplifier as it’s sister product, the Head Box S; except now it has the added benefit of a built-in USB D/A Converter. A well-built box that gives impressive audio results Icreate Review.

Pro-ject Head Box S Usb Headphone Amplifier