Pro Ject Tube Box Se Ii (DIY Project Download)

Tube Box SE II offers the same characteristics as Tube Box II, but takes the sound to another level. Additional adaptation possibilities and a switchable subsonic fi lter make it ideal for use with high quality MM and MC cartridges. Pro-Ject is to be commended on managing to squeeze a couple of small-signal valves (12AX7, since you ask) into its delightful ‘Box Series’ and on keeping things affordable at the same time. I have a Tube Box II, which I’m actually currently not using, but for a brief moment last year I was considering the SE model. However, after carefully looking at the specs for both models, I honestly can’t see what the difference is supposed to be, besides the chassis.

pro ject tube box se ii 2Rega Fono MC, Clearaudio Micro Basic, Pro-Ject Phono Box SE, versus The Pro-Ject Tube Box – Enjoy the Music. I bought a Pro-Ject Tube Box SE II and I want. To change out the two tube with different tu. Nov 25, 2009. Pro-ject Tube Box S vs Tube Box II +Tube Box SE II. Amplification and RIAA equalisation for MM and MC cartridges Available in black and silver.

Its only competition to my mind is the Pro-Ject Phono Box SE-II which offers similar features at the same price and a more neutral presentation. Pro-Ject Audio Essential II Phono USB Turntable with Ortofon OM 5e Cartridge – Black. I’d also rate the Bottlehead Seduction ahead of the Pro-Ject pre. The Cornet 2, IMHO, betters ANY under 1.5k phono preamp I’ve heard.

Phono Stage Shootout! Rega Fono Mc, Clearaudio Micro Basic, Pro-ject Phono Box Se, Versus The Pro-ject Tube Box Review By Phil Gold

Does anyone have experience with the pro ject phono box se 2? I have just recieved an offer to buy one at 100 gbp It would replace a Nad pp 2 Thanks!. Pro-Ject Tube Box SE II – showing prices. More – 2 user reviews. Compare Stereo Preamplifiers side by side. Le constructeur Pro-Ject a acquis une excellente rputation chez les mordus du tourne-disque, notamment grce sa gamme de pr-amplificateurs MM/MC.

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