Pro Tech Step Tool Box (DIY Project Download)

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When you order from ProTech, we make sure every product is masterfully crafted to the highest standard and quality possible. We only use the highest quality materials to provide strength and durability that will stand up to years of use. We’re big fans of Pro-Tech’s aluminum and stainless steel tool boxes. Their products are perfect for any truck and trailer combo. Diamond plate aluminum deck plates, catwalk, or frame covers. For more options, see our Tool Boxes and Steps section. Pro-Tech aluminum step boxes provide storage space in conjunction with a frame step. Step boxes have smooth aluminum bodies and aluminum diamond plate doors or smooth door.

pro tech step tool box 2Price: 567.12 USD In stock. Non Slip Grated Step. Rugged Aluminum Diamond Plate. Keyed Lockset. 30 Step Tool Box. 25 x 28 x 30. Manufacturer:Pro Tech. Pro-Tech Aluminum Tool Boxes 18x18x48 (Single Drop-Down Door, Double Side-Swing Doors – Overlap for Driver Side, Double Side-Swing Doors – Overlap for Passenger Side). Bed products, cargo control, racks, steps, tool boxes, transfer tanks, truck interiors.

PROTECH INDUSTRIES. Slope lid tool box has a smooth body, diamond plate lid. Desiged to mount between cab rack feet. Pro-Tech aluminum boxes are manufactured with high strength, corrosion resistant alloy material to provide top quality appearance, and low maintenance. Step boxes have smooth aluminum bodies and aluminum diamond plate doors. The Pro Tech Toolkit is the one kit you need to tackle any electronics repair challenge. It’s the industry standard for electronics and computer repair technicians and businesses. IF145-307. Professional repair tools and all the parts you’ll need to make the fix. Take your time and remember your steps. Any part you are about to replace might have parts on it you might need, only throw it away once your sure the job is done.

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pro tech step tool box 3Features: Extra heavy duty, professional toolbox. Innovative design with robust structure. Portable tray for hand tools and small parts. Ideal for carrying power tools, hand tools and medium-size to large items.

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