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Low cost project box enclosure designed to meet IP54. Ideally suited for housing PC boards. Flanged lid allows for wall mount applications. Moulded in light grey ABS. The customer went to the Maplins store opposite, went and bought what he needed, and then came back into our Currys store, went up to the person who had just served him, and proved their very existence. The plastic Project Boxes we always get in store, or at least browse them there, as you can never be too sure of the sizes otherwise. Game Support Opentrack FAQ Downloads Past Articles Contact Shop. Omegahunter from the Frontier Forums has put together this great little PDF guide for putting your EDTracker into a plastic moulded enclosure from Maplin.

project box maplin 2Do they stock any size project boxes at that branch plastic or metallic? This sounds really daft but I have a spare project box just sitting there and wondered if the plastic would be safe to have in the tank? Wanted to make a frag rack by cutting the sides, attaching suction cups etc. project box is black so it would blend in nicely against my weir Obviously I would make sure there was no metal in the screw lugs Thanks in advance Ste. I got one from Maplins for 5, cant see that particular one on their website to post a link, but it fitted in ok, not too big. AJ.

Poped in the other day to get a project box, opted not to get the 12V psu and PWM controller as they were hugely expensive compared to the 5 or so you can get them online, will see if components from china are as bad as the chargers. ABS Project box – I picked one from Maplin that’s large enough to accommodate my Bluetooth ODBII adaptor – the one I used is Maplin part number BZ3Q. Smaller ones are available, as are aluminium ones. Just bear in mind that if you’re putting a wireless ODBII reader inside that a metal box will block the signal!. Maplin TV and Video Projects by Maplin, 9780750622974, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Projects include the audio and video modulator, generator, infra-red video links, VHS recorder alarm, low noise video pre-amplifier, TV bar generator, and video box.

I Predict Maplin Will Go Bust In 2016. « Singletrack Forum

America, or the Arduino project you can see they have equally clean designs but convey meaning through their branding. Buy Maplin Electronics, Computers items on eBay. Find a huge selection of Hardware, Sat Nav, Satellite items and get what you want today. This is a little electronics project box based on a similar box that I bought from Maplin. Overall dimensions are 115x78x34.

I Predict Maplin Will Go Bust In 2016. « Singletrack Forum