Proper Wood Storage (DIY Project Download)

When storing firewood it’s important to choose the correct storage method to protect your hard work and investment. You’ve spent all day, week, or even month cutting your firewood for the season. How you store kiln-dried lumber and other wood products affects performance and quality. Proper seasoning and storage provide optimal dimensional stability of lumber in service. Treated lumber should be stacked and stored in the same manner as untreated wood.

proper wood storage 2Proper storage and handling practices of lumber. Weyerhaeuser is an industry leader in the use of mold resistant coatings for wood products. When selecting your wood it is best to pick trees that are standing but have died or ones that have damage that need to be removed to not fall and cause damage to other trees. Lumber storage rack Proper wood storage-lumber_rack_out.jpg See more about Lumber Storage, Wood Storage and Storage Racks.

Carve out a few hours to create a minimalist wood storage bin that moves from room to room and doubles as decor! Knowing how to evaluate, buy, and store firewood is key to the safe, efficient operation of your fireplace, wood stove, or fireplace insert. It’s important to have a good storage system for firewood; otherwise it will rot before you can use it. Chop the wood in readiness for storage. It’s best to get the pieces down to no more than 6-8 inches (15cm-20cm) in diameter. Eighteen inches (45cm) long is a common size, though 16 inches (40cm) is the correct length for a face cord and will fit better in smaller stoves.


Seasoned firewood is wood that has been dried for at least six months after being cut. In order to sufficiently dry your firewood, proper storage is essential. It is important to keep your firewood well stored for your fireplace or stove for the best burn as well as for the health of your fireplace and chimney. In the meantime, taking care to properly store your supply of wood veneer is paramount to prevent damage and keep it in the best possible condition. Storage techniques are largely dependent upon the size and quantity of the veneers. Learning the difference between the types of wood and how to store it can lead to better burning and safer fires. The best knife blocks, magnetic knife strips and more storage solutions for home. br br Since your looks enormously nicer than mine I respectfully suggest you use thin mixed hardwoods on the exterior, as your skills are very good and well, your boxes will be really infinitely nicer.

Tips For Proper Firewood Storage

Shop our selection of Best Barns, Wood in the Storage & Organization Department at The Home Depot. How to Build a Cheap, Good-Looking Firewood Rack: 2-by-Guy. Hone your woodworking skills with this rough-and-ready backyard project. Basic principles for construction of store and storage? So good air flow needed, a solid roof to keep wood dry, slatted sides if not in prevailing wind otherwise a solid structure to keep rain out of that side and stacked up on pallets. Right now I can’t afford to build a nice firewood storage shed. Be sure when it’s cut that it’s the correct length to fit in your fireplace, wood stove or fireplace insert.