Protek Wood Protector (DIY Project Download)

Wood Stain & Protector is a multi-purpose, water-repellent quality coating that colours and protects the whole garden. Protek Wood Stain & Protector provides weather-proofing protection to all types of timber and is so good that it will even adhere to masonry and terracotta pots. Wood Stain from Protek. Exterior and Interior water based wood stain treatments to protect timber in a wide range of colours. Direct from the manufacturer. Wood Protector can be used like a traditional garden paint but it has the added advantage of waterproofing the timber and lasting many years. The coating offers good resistance to ultra violet rays and the ravages of the weather.

protek wood protector 2Protek’s Royal Exterior Finish is an enriching formula for wood that is long lasting and easily applied. With a choice of 56 colours, the hard-wearing mix contains a mould inhibitor to protect the coating, and is low in odour and low VOCs. Protek Wood PROTECTOR Paint 5-Litre Special Offer See more about Stains and Woods. High performance product with a quick drying time and good scuff resistance. Good coverage and levelling with a high solids content. Royal is quick and easy to use with no need for an undercoat or primer.

The Protek wood stain team are well known for building an impressive range of timber stain and preserver products that are supplied to customers all over the world. Protek Wood protector with 5 year protection in 29 colours, can be used on any porous material Free UK delivery from Taylors. This clear wood stain is a hard wearing waterproof coating to be added over the top of Protek’s Wood Protector or Shed & Fence Treatment. This is ideal if you want to waterproof a building without adding more colour with the high levels of acrylic increasing its waterproof properties.

Royal Exterior Wood Finish: Protek Wood Stain In 56 Colours

Wooden hutches, sheds and runs will need treating with pet safe wood preservative to keep them in good condition and prevent damage from being outside in all weathers. Protek Wood Protector is a water-based timber paint with added wax and acrylic. Protek Wood Protector Clear Tough Coat in Home, Furniture & DIY, DIY Materials, Paint & Varnish eBay. A multipurpose and versatile wood stain & protector garden paint that coats and protects the whole garden: an adventure in colour. Wood Protector is a high quality wood protection that weather proofs and protects all varieties of outdoor timber. Protek Wood Protector Paint 5litre. by Brentwood Cathedral. Generally referred to as an architectural wonder, cupolas are ornamental and impressive. Beautify your garden building with help from the Protek 5 Litre Wood Protector. This colourful wood coat will keep your garden shed, playhouse or summerhouse protected for five years from decay and discolouration caused by water, fungi and algae. Protek Wood Preserver is a water-bourne product based on modified vegetable oil. It contains active ingredients effective against wood destroying and wood discolouring fungi.

Protek Wood Stain

Wood Stain and Protector to Protect Garden Timber. Over 30 colours which are all timber treatments as well as colours. Click to View! Protek Wood Preserver and Fence Treatment. We are pleased to announce we are now stockists for PROTEK wood care treatments. Donington Nurseries has a wide range of colours from traditional browns and greens to more exotic shades of red, pink and peacock blue! Fashionable shades at present are black, cream and greys. During the winter months the team at Protek was busy embarking on a full review of all of their retail products. Wood Protector and Shed & Fence will also see new colours being added for the summer months.