Pull Up Bar 40 Inch Door Frame (DIY Project Download)

After three months of researching doorway pull-up bars and eight hours of testing six top-rated models on nine different door frames, we found the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is the best for most people. You can’t see this, but builders will call what I’m calling a 28-inch door a 30-inch door as they account for the hidden frame. If space considerations are an issue for you, this is another reason why you should forego the Extreme or Pro grip variation models, because they are generally at least 40 inches wide and won’t fit in a snug spot. Read reviews, then browse all pull up and chin up bars for doorways so you can get a great workout at home. Whether attached to the doorframe for use as chin up bars, or positioned on the floor, push up bars are built to handle the stress of countless reps. You’re probably looking to buy a pull-up bar to pack lean muscle mass on your arms and upper body. Door Width – Adjustable to fit up to 36-inch extensive doorways.

pull up bar 40 inch door frame 2Purchasing the Easy Effort Universal Door Mount pull-up bar will provide you with a sturdy, easy-to-use, long-lasting variety that will fit on any doorway between 28- to 36-inches wide., and the bar can adjust to fit a 26- to 40-inch wide frame, much wider than other similar styles. The JFit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar can extend from 26 to 40 inches, which means you can make it fit in your doorway if you have a wider one. The ProSource Heavy-Duty Doorway Pull Up Bar fits door frames from 24 to 32 inches without screws. (No disrespect intended OP, this is the best DIY Pull up bar I’ve seen) br br Make a run by Home Depot to pickup some pipe straps and a small piece of wood for a door brace, and you’re not too far from the cost of an off the shelf, Wal-Mart brand pull up bar.

I have looked around on ebay for a good pull up bar, but im not sure which to get, I need one that allows for wide grip pull ups as this is the main exercise i want to be able to add to my program. The only thing that seems to be falling apart are the paddings against the doorframe. The Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Door Frame Pull Up Bar is an impressive unit that ticked all of our requirements, including not leaving any footprint on the door jamb. In fact, the J-Fit is the only telescopic bar that we’ve encountered that can accommodate a 40 inch door width! Get an in-depth J/Fit Pull Up Bar Review here. The Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar is the perfect addition to every home gym. Featuring extension bars for a range of door frames, sturdy solid steel construction, additional padding for push up stand use, and comfortable thick foam grips, the Ultimate Body Press pull up bar supports your best fitness everyday.

The Best Home Pull Up Bars

pull up bar 40 inch door frame 3Pull up bars are certainly amongst the most efficient and cost-effective training tools you can get if you want to train yourself at home. The bar is adjustable so that it meets the standard door frames, it comes with patented wide handles designed to prevent the door frame from getting scratched, it is very easy to install and it requires no drilling whatsoever you can install and uninstall this pull-up bar within minutes. The pull up bar is designed to hold up to 250 pounds of weight, it has a sturdy steel construction for the best support and it can also expand to up to 40 inches in width. Those door frame pull up bars don’t cause any damage. i’ve used one at over 250 lbs. If you can’t go to gym after passing busy days then pull-up bar is for you. If you do not like to wedge your door frame with pull-up bar and you want the bar permanent on your wall or ceiling, you should consider CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up. Besides conveniently attached to the wall or ceiling, the set is made from high quality steel that has 46 inch wide bar staying away 30 inches from the wall. 2) twisting the bar to expand and push against the door frame on both sides. See more about Knee Strengthening Exercises, Pull Up Bar and Home Gym Equipment.

Best Pull Up Bar?

Will the P90X Pull Up Bar Fit On A Door w/ a 6 inch sill (joist)? XMark XM-4434 Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar. By unscrewing and screwing its bar, you can easily fit the pull up bar is door spaces between 26 to 40 inches. It also has a durable steel construction, a well-designed Westside Hole pattern, and a tall 90-inch frame that is around 30 inches deep. Compared to other fitness options, a home pull-up bar is affordable, easy, and more versatile than you might expect. Emphasizing padded parts that will not harm your doorframe, this pull-up bar by Perfect Fitness is made to be easy to set-up and use. Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar. Pull-ups And Chin-ups In Any Standard Doorframe. Expandable From 26 To 40 Inches.