Pull Up Bar Door Frame Argos (DIY Project Download)

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Buy Pro Fitness Push Up and Pull Up Set at Argos.co.uk, visit Argos.co.uk to shop online for Fitness accessories. By using a different hole the bar sits better against the door moulding. For doorway pull-up exercises, this will really enhance your upper body fitness and makes for the perfect training companion. This bar we had difficulty putting on the door frame we had to screw it in the wall. This Everlast chin up bar is a great addition to your home workout.

pull up bar door frame argos 2I have that exact chinning bar, it has plenty of room for adjustment width wise so your door frame wont be a problem, and it holds my weight of 13st 5 lbs without struggling Go for it I say. Hi guys, Went to buy a pull up bar from Argos and it was utterly rubbish and didn’t fit together properly. I am around 77kg and it seems to hold my weight fine and was very easy to setup without screws on a strong door frame. Solid door frame pull up bar with guards to prevent paint chipping. 10 Can hold up to 300lbs Door Gym Train Exercise Iron Man Bar Pull Up Sit Up Chin Up Fitness Workout Bar.

Follow Following Unfollow Blocked Unblock Pending Cancel. Blane ChrisRowat 8 Sep 2013 Flatt7 Best bet is a pullup bar from Argos for the door frame. The reason is that my house is a modern one and will collapse if I tried using a pull up bar attached to a door frame, and I can leave it in the garden. Could you take the bag bit off and drill holes through it to make it wall mountable and just use the pull up bar on the door frame.

Is This Argos Pull-up Bar A Good Choice For A Beginner?

pull up bar door frame argos 3Door Frame Baby Bouncer Argos Design are essential elements for draping doorways in the house. They come in quite a few widths and also height, at the same time as various styles and sizes. Door Frame Pull Up Bar Argos Design. As does mine. You screw in the two caps in your door frame, then twist the bar in. If it does buckle it is the door frame being kack rather than the bar itself. Got a couple of the argos telescopic screw into cups screwed in door frame – daughter does her gym bar up down stuff between them also a finger board with big holds mounted on plywood in cellar – big steel angles from screwfix roofing section – couple of bungees and planks with that. Drilling into the door frame is not an option, I purchased one from Argos not realising I had to screw it in. Any ideas? BenM77. 2,835 posts. Anne Robinson, 71, is barely recognisable as she steps out with puffy face following trip to hairdressers Looked stylish – but her face appeared puffy with her eyes slightly hooded. Bouncer shuts up club-goer in knockout punch outside club.

Blane On Twitter: Best Bet Is A Pullup Bar From Argos For The Door Frame. Free Standing Ones Are A Bit Expensive, Like This

Need to buy a telescopic pull up / chin up bar? Now I had seen chin up bars advertised on eBay and in the argos catalogue so I thought it would be a case of finding a cheap one and mounting it into a door frame, that was until I did a search and found out that there are 2 kinds of bars to choose from. As the length increases, that fight tightly between the door frame, allowing you to do your workout. Note that you have to tighten them fully or you may end up falling off, but they do support your body weight. This is a tutorial on how to make a doorway pull-up bar that does not require holes in any door frames or walls to mount it; which makes it perfect for college dorms or other temporary living quarters. Its almost exactly like that iron gym thing there advertising from Argos. Yours will probably last longer. Can anyone recommend a decent pull up bar, preferably one that fits onto a doorway with no fuss. You have these two plasctic circles you screw into either side of the door frame, then the pull up bar extends and you tighten it onto them so it stays up, im 15stone and do chin ups on it all the time and it hasnt moved. In reply to Wiggy69: I’ve had the argos one for a few years. I think I paid 6 for it so it must be old.

A Complete Pullups Workout Program to Help You Shatter Your Personal Record: Door Frame Pull Up Bar Argos. Great Pull Up Bars, Great pull up bars and tips to use them efficiently. Heart of House Avignon 2 Door 1 Drawer Wardrobe – White. KOPPANG 3 drawer chest – IKEA — can use this on one side of clothes bar, and white shelving/bookcase on the other. Argos catalogue from 1992 filled with lots of retro goodies. Up to 1000 Instant Credit Please ask in-store for details.