Putting Toddler To Bed With Wet Hair (DIY Project Download)

No, I wouldn’t put my kids to bed with wet hair. The pillow gets all damp and it can cause sore necks I think anyway – cause I used to to it a lot when I was younger and I got a sore neck and it does make you cold in the night too I think – I did it the other night when I was drunk so I can’t be sure whether it was something to do with that. I don’t very often, and will actually put her to bed late, rather than with wet hair. Are there any bad effects of putting her to bed with wet hair (aside from bed head)? Or am I just weird? (based solely on this question, please;) ). No idea if this is true or not, but my mom would never let us goto bed with a wet head. I don’t remember if we did as kids or not. Going to bed with wet hair makes sleeping uncomfortable for me,the mess of damp hair makes it impossible for me to sleep, so I generally avoid it for this reason.

putting toddler to bed with wet hair 2My mum always let me go to bed with wet hair too – I think this was mainly to annoy my grandma who was sure I’d catch my death of cold!. I usually put DD to bed with damp hair, although I sometimes blow-dry it if she’s up for it, because it’s getting so long that it’ll make her pillow soggy if just towel-dried. Add fresh chopped basil to your tomato sauces, put pesto on your kids pizza and make a game out of how green it is, or food process it into soups and stews. Having your child go to bed with wet hair, especially in the winter, weakens their immunity and often leaves them stuffy and clogged in the morning. Grandma often said that going to bed with wet hair can make a child sick.

My mum always told me never to go to bed with wet hair it causes something! With my hair, if I’m going to bed with wet hair I will put a dry towel on my pillow and move it through the night (it always ends up on the floor) My friends nana told her (back when we were 11) that going to bed with wet hair would make you deaf. There was a thread in the Toddler section about this not so long ago and most mums who replied said that they send their LOs to bed with damp towel dried hair, I think blow drying it every day wouldn’t be good for it. These days, when adulting takes up most of my time, I’m happy to go to bed with wet hair and take five minutes (max) to style it in the mornings. Can You Get Zika From Your Toddler?

Anyone Let Their Kids Go To Bed With Wet Hair After A Bath?

I actually prefer going to bed with a wet head, that way in the morning, I can quickly style my hair without having to damage it by using the blow dryer. 40 percent of mothers said they believed sending their kids out in the cold weather or to bed with a wet head would get them sick. Blowdrying hair verses going to bed with wet hair.. what are your views on this. Do you think blowdrying hair every. What are your views on this. Do you think blowdrying hair every. Of course, when I was growing up, my mom used to put my wet hair in sponge rollers at night and wrap my head in a kerchief for holidays and special occasions. I woke up with bouncy soft curls (and maybe a few dents in my head) and my hair survived just fine. If you dry your hair before bed, how do make it look decent in the morning? It might be. what do you do? do you blow dry their hair? my dd’s hair is pretty long. No: Sleeping with wet hair would be the last thing on the list of things that make one crazy:) I would put drugs and alcohol above it. Colds are more frequent during cold or wet weather, simply because children stay indoors, in closer contact with each other, at these times of year.

Wet Hair For Bed, Is It Ok?

Silly question but I need to adapt my bed time routine and wondered what others were doing. Currently we eat 5. If she has long hair why not put her hair in plaits and pin them up so they don’t get wet when she has a bath. Use to smooth and detangle wet or dry hair. Suitable for all lengths and textures, and especially good for children. I’m 42 years old and very often go to sleep with wet hair since after all the kids are in bed, chores are done etc. nights are often the best time for me to shower. You can also put and extra towel on her pillow case to help. My kids also bathe before bed and I’ve found that thoroughly towel-drying their hair makes a big difference. I’m a fan of the Turbie Twist hair drying towel because it’s not bulky and stays put, but any thin towel would do well, including your old, hooded baby towels.

6 Healthy Activities To Do Before Bed Instead Of Staring At Your Phone. So, why is our natural hair still wet after all that tender, loving, moisturizing care we put into it the night before, and how can we ensure that it is dry by morning?. So technically, you’re not styling it dry but you’re not going to bed with soaking wet hair either. Contrary to what we were told as children, wet hair cannot cause a cold. These factors include age, lack of sleep, increased stress, the time of year, and smoking. The morning after sleeping with wet hair (i.imgur.com). If you ever want to try to get really curly hair without going to bed, here’s a method: Put some leave-in products in your wet hair, then flip your head upside down and bring a hair-towel up to your head so that all your hair is resting on the towel up against your scalp but not bunched up in one spot, tighten/tie it, and then let it dry like that. When I went to bed with wet hair it was fine for me. What wasn’t fine for me was when I went to bed with chlorinated hair (I was a kid and didn’t want to take a shower that late at night). When the weather dictates, put some gel or NO MORE TANGLES Leave-in Conditioner in your toddler’s hair to keep it under control. It can be used on wet or dry hair, so you can apply it and comb your toddler’s hair even on days when you are not washing it. If it’s long enough, you could can braid it before sleep. My daughter’s preschool just sent a note home saying one of the kids has lice. What can I do if she gets them? After you’ve shampooed her, put conditioner in her wet hair and go through it for any remaining eggs. Use a special fine-tooth nit comb (which usually comes with the shampoo) or your fingernails (use whatever works best for you), removing nits as you see them. Going out with wet hair is not going to cause an infection. I also never go to bed with wet or damp hair.