Quad 26650 Box Mod (DIY Project Download)

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Ive learned how to build a dual 18650 unregulated box mod, but im looking to build a quad 18650 or 26650 box mod, for less voltage drop and more battery life. Box Mod Unregulated Quad 18650 MOSFET darthvaper Vape mod voltmeter Jabba Box. Box Mod Unregulated Dual 26650 MOSFET darthvaper XL Vape mod voltmeter. Quad & Dual 18650, 26650, LiPo Box Mod..you Think It, We Build It.

quad 26650 box mod 2Hammer of God V2 Quad 18650 1:1 Mechanical Box Mod Temple 26650 Atomizer USA in Consumer Electronics, Gadgets & Other Electronics, Other Gadgets eBay. Whether it be a unregulated box or a regulated box mod; here you will find a wide selection of both,. Rare Jackfruit Dual 26650 Box Mod made by Elite. VHO Quad Mod. Dual Series 26650. Hits like a train! Custom color choices. Custom Jack Skellington Quad 26650 Gigabox.

I use a bit of tape round my batteries as a box mod should never be slapped in such a way. (30/06/14 11:37 PM)Andy-K Wrote: Like quad 26650? Customer who searched regulated quad box mod also searched: dna20 mod, box mod, hades mod, vape mod, hammer mod, 26650 mod, provari mod, beast mod, vv mod More. Custom Made Vaporizer Box Mods. Made here at the heart of Chesapeake, Virginia USA. Dual 26650 Parallel at 4.2 volts. Quad 18650 series/parallel at 8.4 volts dual battery mAH due to parallel.

Hammer Of God V2 Quad 18650 1 1 Mechanical Box Mod Temple 26650 Atomizer Usa

tesla box mod 120w 3I’m building a 26650 box mod, I have the wiring, button, 510 connector, battery tray, and a IRLB3034PBF mosfet. I would instead try a triple or quad 18650 box as you will be safer and have a smaller overall box. 7801 Box mod 3D models available on makexyz.com. Quad 18650 Box Mod.

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