Rabbit Litter Box Bedding (DIY Project Download)

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Basic plastic cat litter pans work best for bunny’s litter box. CareFresh is a bunny-safe pet bedding that does not contain any pine or cedar products, and is also environmentally friendly. As rabbits become more popular as house pets, litter boxes designed for rabbits have also become more prevalent in the pet supply market. This litter is also recommended bedding for rats and guinea pigs. CareFresh is a bunny-safe pet bedding that does not contain any pine or cedar products, and is also environmentally friendly.

rabbit litter box bedding 2What’s the difference between rabbit litter and bunny bedding? Learn more about rabbit litter, which products are safe and not safe and the steps to litter box training your rabbit. If you have large bunnies, there is another great litter box alternative available at most large hardware stores (like HomeDepot or Lowes). Ground corncob pet litter / bedding; Always check the label. How to Create the Perfect Litter Box, Tips on Training and More!

Rabbit Bedding: Includes cheap pine shavings and some new and high-tech bedding materials. Store, where you’ll find several types of excellent rabbit bedding and litter boxes. This is a fairly long page – so we want you to know up front that pine shavings are just fine for rabbit litter, the nest box, and bedding. Pine is completely safe, especially if it is heat-treated or kiln-dried. The Best Litter for your Rabbit’s Litter Box This choice is very important, rabbits will eat some of their litter, and your rabbit’s health may depend on your choice of litters! What Not to use for Litter Your rabbit will eat some of its litter, no matter what it is, so don’t use anything non-organic in its litter box.

Rabbit Bedding

rabbit litter box bedding 3Choice of litter and bedding material has always been based on individual preferences. Mimi had not been given a litterbox because of a chronic bladder infection, and Phoebe, who is free-running, uses the cats litter-box (with clay litter) on the floor. Purchasing a litter box and training your rabbit to use it is very important if you are having your rabbit live indoors. Materials commonly used for bedding include straw, sawdust or hay. The most commonly sold type of rabbit litter box is a triangle-shaped box with a high corner. I have the bedding in his cage as the carefresh bedding but I read that the bedding and litter need to be different. If given the proper supplies, most rabbits are quite easy to litterbox train! If you currently have or use cedar bedding for your rabbit, kindly donate it to a local shelter or rescue group that can use it!The same goes for cat litter! While it is safe and wonderful for cats, clay litter is not appropriate for rabbits! Rabbits should never be living on scoopable cat litter. Some people may have even attempted keeping a rabbit indoors and are convinced that doing so is necessarily a smelly affair. KENAF – Highly absorbent and used for horse bedding. Fiber plant from east-central Africa.

Rabbit Bedding. Explore The Many Pet Bedding Options

The bedding should be completely changed and the cage cleaned once every month or two (more frequently if the rabbit urinates outside the litter box). In addition to the litter box (if applicable), you will also need to have room for a water bowl, a food bowl, a nest box, a hay rack, and toys, so it’s important to provide the largest cage that your space allows. Shredded paper is a relatively cheap option for rabbit bedding, but it has limited absorbent qualities. Horse Stall Bedding pellets (compressed softwood) or Woodstove Pellets (compressed hardwood). Once a litterbox is being used inside the cage it will be a great tool for the rabbit’s exercise area or even when it lives loose in your home. If the rabbit likes to lie in its box, that is a good thing, just keep it clean as sitting on soiled bedding over a long period of time can scald the bunny’s skin.