Rabbit Litter Box Metal (DIY Project Download)

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As rabbits become more popular as house pets, litter boxes designed for rabbits have also become more prevalent in the pet supply market. Custom rabbit litter boxes: Some people modify their boxes by adding metal urine guards to the back end of the box. Don’t you hate it when your pet re-locates the litter box then decides not to use it? The most commonly sold type of rabbit litter box is a triangle-shaped box with a high corner. I’m looking for a very hard plastic or metal litter pan with high sides.

rabbit litter box metal 2Ideally, litter boxes should have high sides, because rabbits back into the corner and may urinate over the edge. There are also metal litter boxes designed with high sides and grates specifically for rabbits. Silverwolf Rabbitry – Rabbit Care – Silverwolf Rabbitry is your source for Pedigreed Rex & Silver show rabbits. A metal litter box, with wire bottom is best because the rabbits cannot chew on it or move it around easily. The only metal litter pans I have found aren’t the corner style that I need. Quite a few rabbits won’t use them because they like a cat litter box that they can rest on.

Once a litterbox is being used inside the cage it will be a great tool for the rabbit’s exercise area or even when it lives loose in your home. If you have large bunnies, there is another great litter box alternative available at most large hardware stores (like HomeDepot or Lowes). If the rabbit likes to dig and moves the box around, you can use a large metal clamp to fix it to the side of the hutch. In addition to the litter box (if applicable), you will also need to have room for a water bowl, a food bowl, a nest box, a hay rack, and toys, so it’s important to provide the largest cage that your space allows. Rabbit hayracks are metal and can attach to the side of the cage, similar to metal feeders.

Litter Box Training

You can use a plastic Rubbermaid tub that is shallow enough for your rabbit to hop in and out of it or a metal litterbox from KW Cages. If you use the plastic tub, you will need to use shredded newspaper, hay, or Carefree cat litter. You can also use a piece of plywood, plexi, metal or vinyl (keep the animal from eating the vinyl which could kill him. Every 30 to 45 minutes put the rabbit in the litter box and stay near to prevent him or her from jumping out. Jewelry the cute litter rabbit metal alloy pendant long necklace for women. Buy Litter Box Rabbit at Low Prices on Aliexpress.com now. Rabbits are not cats they don’t seek out a litter box. KW Cages also carries their specially designed, metal litter boxes with a raised wire floor grid and three sides of urine guards. The list below summarizes the main points of managing the litterbox. Litterbox Training is also available in a printed version (PDF version). Scrape with a metal scraper or scrub with a wire brush. Disinfect with a mild bleach solution (2-3 tablespoons bleach to 1-2 gallons water).

Litterbox Training

Most rabbit cages are metal to stand up to your bunny’s active lifestyle. Please note: Never use clay or any kitty litter in a rabbit’s litterbox or cage as they can cause fatal intestinal obstructions or respiratory problems. Outdoor rabbits are usually housed in large hutches made of wood or metal, or wire cages. Hutches can be quite expensive.